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I decided to play Majesty Gold HD over Internet with my GOG friend, for that reason he bought the game here today. And after that we'd learned that the game doesn't support multiplayer over web out of the box. Not surprisingly, to be honest, considering the game's age, but option to play via GOG servers in multiplayer menu was promising...

So we went for GameRanger, installed it and had tried to host the game in both Majesty and Northern Expansion versions (had to rename MajestyHD.exe). But the game just crashing to desktop right after loading screen no matter what we're trying to do. It's something related to GameRanger, most likely, because even after renaming executable file the game still launching normally from the explorer.

Anyone to help us, please?

UPD. Apparently, the old executable file (MajestyHD - Old) is compatible with GameRanger while the default one isn't. The problem is that old .exe causes the game's crash few minutes after the start...
Post edited November 24, 2019 by DremPSB
я запускал majesty- old.exe проблем не возникло. Но я запускал в местной локальной сети не в виртуальной.

I ran majesty-old.exe no problems. But I was running on a local LAN not a virtual one.

Я тоже установил Ranger. могу с вами сыграть?
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переименуй исполняемый файл majesty как указано в gameranger и все получится.