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I've seen videos of a racing mod that can be accessed thru the menu and you can select the tracks and cars you want to race with. I believe it was content ripped from a console version of the game and converted/added to the PC version as a mod.

I've been looking for this mod but can not find it. Anybody have a working version of this mod?

Well after a little more research I figured out, thanks to Steam forum, that I had missed installing the racing mod when I installed the Mafia Community Modpack v2.1. Just Google it if your interested, It can be found on

The description doesn't mention anything about the racing. And buy default it is not checked during the Mafia Community Modpack install. And to add to the confusion some places/forums refer to the mod as Mafia Remastered not Mafia Community Modpack.

Anyway I have it installed now and it seems to work fine but I haven't tested it fully yet.
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