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so got a glitch that constantly tells me to go sleep on Joe's couch, im already on i think chapter 8 and the first time you sleep on his couch is like chapter 2-3. so now i've always got an extra spot on my map telling me to go to Joe's place. i can't trust the minimap anymore because now i always have 2 mission objectives, one to joe's place and one to the actual mission objective. i have to instead put my own point on the map just to find the right mission objective.

i'm not expecting this to be fixed seeing as this game is 10 years old i just thought i would mention it, it's pretty funny but also annoying as shit.

other than that it really is a great game, i've already got it on 360 and played through it twice but my 360 has been burried in my closet for years now and having to dig that up and clean it is just to much work and gog had a big sale so why not right, it's a gem that is good even now a decade later.