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low rated
idk what a fucking animal added fucking need for speed to that game but i hope it'll die
And there's your problem right there, don't play it like an NFS game. Those cars are tall and narrow, you need to take your time in turns and learn to feel the car, otherwise it'll easily spin out. Just take your time to learn the car, once you do, you'll never lose the race again.
At least braking is easy here. I had to lelearn the braking points in DE, basically you have to brake a lot sooner. Here you could overtake them at braking points easily.
Easiest you can spin out is accelerating too soon and too hard out of the wide corner with yellow Dunniel ads, around 40 seconds into the lap. With 10 tries or so it shouldn't be a problem any more.
Then there's the chicane, of course if you're slow you must try to cut it at least a little. But if you hit one bump and the car hits the second bump while in the air, you can say goodbye to this try.
Normal shouldn't be a problem in both original and DE. Otherwise just set it to Easy.
Post edited October 05, 2020 by robip85
The race isn't that difficult. You should only brake twice - at the first bend and when you enter the forest area. For all other corners, you should ease up of the gas a little and you can get through them just fine.

You can overtake everyone by the end of the first corner, stick to the extreme left and accelerate until you pass everyone then brake... After that, it's only a matter of staying in first place.

I've finished it lots of times on Extreme difficulty and with damage ON.
Post edited October 17, 2020 by FraX