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I really need help!!!!!!!
I have check everything on the web, in different languages and looks like nobody have a solution....

In the Free Ride extreme, in the mission which i take near Morello's Bar, To follow an invisible man...
Everything goes well till the end of the mission, invisible man suddenly is stopping and not moving last few meters to his destination, so that i can get my mission saved and recieve a bonus car...

I have tried killing the man, pushing him to the final spot, I was re-playing mission about 10 times, was locking FPS (just in case), trying to have no weapon visible, with weapon visible...Nothing works!!!!!!!!!!
Please help, otherwise I'm stuck and can't even change my mission, since its one save file kind of situation... PLEASE HELP!
This probably won't help buuut-

I heard a rumour once that said to always complete Invisible man BEFORE doing the Speedy Gonzales one near your house. They never said why though. Have you already done the Speedy one?

By the way- no car I've ever unlocked in Free Ride Extreme ever appears behind my garage when I load it up again. Does that happen for you too?