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I've spent about 20 minutes trying to beat the first mission of the game (where you have to escape in a taxi from another car), and I can't for the life of me get past it, the car is always right up my backside and the two passengers get killed. Is there a difficulty setting in this game that I can kick down to easy so I can get past this part? Or maybe a cheat code that will let me advance? I tried checking the settings menu but I didn't see any difficulty settings.
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There are no difficulty settings apart from one mission (the infamous race mission).

Couple of things might've happened to you: you accidentally pressed the "M" key which switches to manual transmission which means you have to shift gears up and down, so you might've gotten stuck in first gear. You can check if that is the case by looking at a circle in the very bottom right hand screen - there should be an "A" (automatic) or "M" (manual) circled there.

You also might've accidentally enabled the 40 mph / 60 kph speed limit. This should be above the speedometer. I'm not sure what the default key for this is, but it's one of the most important features in this game actually, you'll be using it constantly to avoid the police. Check the controls in the options menu.

In this game, if your car gets damaged, it affects the performance of the car negatively - everything from top speed to acceleration and handling. Tires can also be blown out. You might've just gotten unlucky.
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Thanks for the suggestions, but unfortunately still no-go. I made sure transmission was set to automatic and speed-limiter was off, but I just can't shake those guys. Pity, looks like this might be one I won't be able to play...
It's a bit tricky, because their car is faster than yours which basically means you have to make them crash and then get away far enough to put enough distance between them and you. I don't remember if street lamps work (I think so), but trams work very good or let them crash into other cars - it's a bit tricky maybe from a modern pov for a first mission and may require a few tries, but it is certainly doable.
Looger23: their car is faster than yours
Do you know if there's any way to edit the properties of the enemy car to slow it down, or speed up our own vehicle?
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No, sorry. I don't know if it is possible. I know that there are mods that change cars, but I don't know if they only change the textures but also the properties.