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I played the game once, and it ran fine. I saved it and exited out. Now, a couple days later, every time I try and start the game up, it closes at the Amanita Design screen at the very beginning. I have Windows 10 and I use the blue light filter option it gives you. After it closes, it's turned completely off and the screen has no filter, but not actually turned off when you look at the button to turn it back on. It still says "Turn Off Now".

I tried turning that off and trying, but it didn't work. I turned off all the other programs and it didn't help. I repaired, then uninstalled and reinstalled and it didn't help. I restarted my computer, also didn't help. I don't know where to go from here as I couldn't find anything on the internet through a quick google search.

I also don't believe I had any updates on Windows in the past couples days.
Windows 7, game crash on start. Few weeks ago was running fine.
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I played the game years ago, it was working fine. I bought it again on gog this time, installed and it doesn't go past the amanita design splash screen at startup. The splashscreen barely loads, it freezes instantly and then crashes. Sucks because I was excited to show it to my girlfriend.
Same issue. On Windows 10, too.