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Changelog for Patch 2713 (added 06 October 2017):

-Fixed an issue with disappearing saves on Windows 7.
It would be nice to integrate the changelog in Galaxy. The journal only mentionned the Linux version of 2015.
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Changelog for Patch 2758-A (added 21 November 2017):

- Fixed some issues with 4K screens.
I have to say that I'm quite astonished (and greatly approving) that this game still gets updated. I'll try to remember playing through it again, one of these days!
(Too many games, too much work...)
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Changelog for update 2844-A (added 20 February 2018):

- Adds support for ultra-wide monitors on Windows
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Changelog for patch 2943-A - Mac Definitive Version Update / (Mac) (added 30 May 2018):

- Completely new custom engine
- Improved full screen support
- 12 new achievements
- Support for MFi controllers
- Localization to 14 languages including Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Russian
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Changelog for Patch 3052-A (added 17 September 2018):

- Fixed an issue with the cursor in the Mac version of the game.