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Some very goods ideas, but crucial options like "select all type of this unit" or "create group" cruelly missing since we taste it in more recent games.
Also the mission are very basic with no real creativity in the briefing.
The game is old yes, but the background is not good enough to give me the will to continue.
Point 1: PC games were still new then, so the most advanced options like those found in C&C, try having 2 separate armies, and then command all tanks to an area.
Point 2: It's briefing, do this, do that, hey also. Yeah, briefing isn''t supposed to be creative also, Objectives, do this, can't let this... same thing, not basic, normal.
Point 3: Old, duh and background, well, just irrelevant and it's good enough, just play. And by irrelevant, your last point.
Post edited July 13, 2010 by AKWSquad