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Is there a way to play the custscenes (from MAX 1, though I suppose I could ask about MAX 2 also) from outside the game? I'm not sure what files they'd be... I'm thinking of such scenes as the introduction, or the big finish (if there is one, I've never made it through the campaign!).
This question / problem has been solved by fisk0image
The cutscenes are in the format MVE, VLC Media Player seems to be able to play the audio part of them, but not the video. VLC identifies the video codec as Interplay MVE Video, "Pallettized RGB with palette element R:G:B", but as it's unable to display the video, it must be some unusual variation of the format.
Most of the in-game animation loops (for the unit information screens and stuff like that) are in the FLC format, which are playable in QuickTime.
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Thank you, fisk0! That did the trick. Well, I didn't have anything to play MVE directly, but by renaming files I could play them from within the game itself (as the intro movie).
I believe there is a MVE player out there somewhere.

Check that thread.