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I have played this game when it first came out and immediately fell in love with it. None of the newer titles can compare to it.
There is ground, naval and aerial warfare, special operations with your infiltrators, quite fun base building and even an OK storyline (bit cheesy though).
The best part is, of course, that this is turn-based. Despite myriad of options, ability to upgrade your units, units gaining experience, and having hundreds of units at your command it will never turn itself into dumb click-fest or a rush game. Winning requires strategical planning and thinking many turns in advance.
For more impatient players there is simultaneous turn-based mode. Each turn all players move at the same time, but once the action points of units are gone all the players have to proceed to next turn.
Another great feature is the hot-seat gameplay. You don't even need a lan to play this against your roomies!
I recommend this game to everyone who enjoys thinking and planning more than clicking. Big booms included :)
I loved this game. I lost serious hours into the early morning playing this game over the years. I originally bought the game when it came out in 1997 when I had Windows 95 and then 98. The game worked flawlessly with the appropriate patches. Much to my dismay, when I upgraded to Windows XP, MAX would not load. Many years went by and I occasionally checked on the Interplay site for any patches that would remedy the problem. None appeared until I recently did another search for MAX and found the GOG site. Thanks to whoever fixed the incompatability issues and to GOG for offerring this game back to the computer-gaming community. The price is outstanding and MAX appears to play without any issues on my system. If you have never played this game and love pure strategy/military games... BUY IT! You will not be sorry.
For a strategist, max is the ultimate. I found nothing that compares to max, and when in confrontation with another player (although I have found no one to play with yet) I can imagine the intense concentration and strategy needed to win against your opponet. I very much enjoy max, and I wish some one would create an add on pack that would add bigger maps, carriers, battleships, destroyers (Oh man, just add the works) but change nothing else. I would gladly pay for the addon to max (not max 2)
If anyone is willing to play, drop me an email (, and lets see how we can get the match going! It actually feels good to play max again, thanks GOG for the effort, and a gamers love for the good games (long since past) being alive and well again. Thanks gog
This game requires more thought and strategy than C&C, and is now one of my most favorite game of all time. Oh, and sent you e-mail, Durablestrength.