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When I found out this game was made by the same team that made Beneath A Steel Sky I was hopeful. Unfortunately this is far below the quality of BASS. Not only that, but this game came out the same year as King's Quest VI (1992) another medieval themed fantasy game. King's Quest VI is one of the greatest adventure games of all time. This game is much more like the older more archaic King's Quest games. The ones from the 80's with very little in the way of sound or music, had bland graphics, and too much trial and error style gameplay. Really the noises in this game are so grating, the gameplay is awkward. It's not a good game. But it's free, you might find some enjoyment. But even something free costs you precious time you could be playing better games.
I enjoyed it. I wouldn't really call it trial and error though, more along the lines of freeform. That was the main selling point of the game back in the day, that it simulated a living world around you. In contrast to other traditional adventure games you stand somewhat less of a chance if you just go around wildly trying out everything.

This is something I often miss from other games, especially Adventures and RPGs, and especially newer ones. If you are guided as a player, and the clearer interface and mechanics work, the more you focus on the rules of the game and how to exploit them to win the game. Lure and games like it force you more into a direction to actually think inside the game world, and not focus on "how do I progress in the game", but "what's the best thing to do in that situation?". I know it's not a style of play everyone likes. And it also takes some determination, which is why I have restarted Morrowind dozens of times and to this day never actually completed it—the wide range of choices was too much for me, and I always ended up with the urge to go back to the beginning and do something differently.

It's the kind of game that you have to let draw you in. If you don't like that, or of this game in particular fails to draw you in, I can see how it can not be very enjoyable. Personally, I liked it quite a bit.
Its a good starter game for someone new to the genre. Its quite short and straightforward plus it comes with a walkthrough. It is a good training tool and general demo for point and click. If it wasn't for this game we probably wouldn't have the much much better Beneath a Steel Sky and Broken Sword series.
I don't think Dragonsphere is worse than King's Quest VI. Dragonsphere has a better story IMO, it might not look like much from the beginning but the plot will take interesting twists and turns later on.

Dragonsphere had some annoying puzzles but so does definitivly the Sierra Games. Maybe I'm just bad or impatient, but I always have to use walkthroughs once in while when playing adventure games (though I had to use it remarkably seldom in The Longest Journey).

EDIT: Oh, were we talking about Lure of the Temptress. I thought we were talking about Dragonsphere. Nevermind, then!
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The game it´s great, but... feels too old, i mean, Beneath a Steel Sky still has a gameplay system than anyone actually can play without feeling "akward" and definitevily enjoy the game as a classic/modern point and click game.

But Lure of Temptress sadly has too many "menu options" that in that time was considered freedoom and possibilities, but actually is too much trial and error, with many boring menus one after each other.

A good game if you can cope with this, but for me it becomes one of this few old games that it´s actually bit boring for me.
I haven't played it a LOT yet, but I like it--it's okay. I think it's better than sub-par hehehe

However I've found that I much prefer the Amiga version over this DOS version hehehe
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I might like it cause im old school.. Ya know where there was no interface, no map.. no nothing except you figuring out where you are in your mind..

crap im stuck.. what next?? I dunno.. go east? dont work? try go west.. no?? Look? you see a stick and a rope.. get rope... Throw rope..? get stick.. Tie rope to stick.. fish.. hey atleast i wont be hungry,, while i figure out where the hell i am! :P

I just think,, hey atleast there IS an interface..