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ASpieboy: lock the door behind you
Socratatus: ok.
No, really, I'm not being snide. You literally have to lock the door behind you to escape the orc.
Played this on the Amiga when it was first released. The thing that made it so good was the use of Virtual Theatre. I had never seen a point and click like it. For it's time it was revolutionary. It was one of the great Amiga games.

However does it hold up as well today? It's dated a little but the great game I remember is still there.
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ellarunciter: This game is complete garbage.
Your post is complete GARBAGE... While the game is free, it's also very good. I play it on Scummvm with my cellphone.
also for consideration for anyone in the universe if any that you can get BASS and LOTT for Amiga Forever.
About a week ago played LOTT on AF and it was quite fine. I would wager that Amiga version had better sound... Horrorsoft/Adventuresoft or what was the makers team called used to do some good games on those years for amiga. I think Elvira 1 and 2 and Waxworks got really good reviews on Amiga. I am not really sure who made Waxworks though but anyhow, AF costs 20 eur for the Plus edition that is necessary for these games.
The games itself are considered throughout the cyberspace as abandonware, some developers give them officially free. Only a few big hit games and the latest games are not available for free. Well that's the attitude in the Amiga world anyhow.
Not trying to steal the bread from GOG but I just thought to say that some of the 90's titles were better at least musicwise on Amiga-platform.
If anyone is like retired and has nothing else to do, I guarantee you can spend two eternities tweaking that Amiga Forever Player and all the under-the-hood stuff (WINUAE). hihihihi