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I loved Beneath a Steel Sky so I'm trying this game out and it's really frustrating. It's pretty annoying that you're trying to grasp the story and the text during the dialogues just go too fast and disappears before you read it and then you don't have no idea what to do. People bumping into each other on the street and blocking your way and interrupting your conversation by starting another so you have to read two separate dialogues. Even when you want to perform a simple action, your character often does a circle around the map to get to the thing that was in front of him and then bumps into someone and it makes me pull my hair out.

But I'll still try to finish it :X
I just finished it. If it wasn't for the technical problems it wouldn't be a bad game.
I entirely agree. I wound up mostly using a walkthrough because watching my character walk around in circles for minutes to speak to someone was SO DAMN ANNOYING.

This would have been a petty good game but for that.
I agree, I think I would finish the game in half the time if it wasn't for these issues. Nothing more frustrating than telling the player to go do something then he walks the other way, makes few circles, then does nothing after 10 seconds of waiting.

It is also disappointing how short it was. When I entered the castle I expected an area the size of the village, instead it was just 10 rooms with not much to do, and it was over in ten minutes.
Might be an issue of the ScummVM port. Movement in the original DOS version isn't perfect, but far from being a major annoyance. Just give the game time to calculate the way (while cursor changes to clock symbol) before you click somewhere else.
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