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I played this game, and the puzzles are ridiculous by my standards, for example: A man is thirsty, you need to find water for him. Simple enough right? WRONG! You need to find this guy a jug first, (sorry, i was born in 1994, and the worst graphics ive seen was probably tmnt for the sega genesis (and those aren't even this bad). So onto the puzzle, You need to fun a green jug, and I'm colorblind, so searching through a bunch of hay to find it was not fun at all, i actually had to have my bro tell me where this jug was. Now you need to rightclick 5 more times to be able to fill it from a barrel. Than somehow make the thirsty jerk drink the water, IT IS A HASSLE! I enjoyed Teenagent, but cmon, at least allow me to do monotone if i have to find a green jug by some red other stuff.
I feel its unfair to rate a game with a 1 because i couldn't play it, so i will award this demon a 3.
Fun fact: 1 in 5 males are colorblind, and 1 in 200 females are colorblind. This is because it is sent through the x chromosome and it is more likely because of this to happen in males.
`1 in 5 males are colorblind, and 1 in 200 females are colorblind.`

Thanks had no idea that the girlies got let off easy.

Anyway, I find it really interesting seeing the reaction of younger people to these games. Count your blessings (old age mode), when I was a teenager these kind of games were all there was. No one really considered colour blindness either (we may not have even really known about the facts you provided at the time). Flashing lights causing fits didn`t even exist as a concern, mobile phones (cell phones) were a weird oddity seen by few. Slavery still exsited- er, no, scratch that.

Games were about 50% harder and the internet basically didn`t exist to get any kind of help- you stuck with `em or gave up.

And you should`ve seen the Text -only adventure games! man, did I spend many hours trying to figure out what I was doing there and watching the computer respond, "I don`t understand` forever!

But these games did have 100% more imagination - They HAD to! ;)
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