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What a delight to get this on GOG - for free no less! Just what GOG was made for... I must admit its now terribly dated although I loved this game in the day and spent huge amounts of time on it without ever finishing it - so I was delighted to have the opportunity to finally lay it to rest.
It is exactly how I remember it - full of character, funny sometimes, but difficult. Well, I say difficult but actually its quite easy up to a point then finishes with a couple of harder puzzles.
I genuinely enjoyed playing through where I had played to before but I must admit I googled the ending as I simply don't have as much patience these days for old school unforgiving games.
That is why the mediocre score - if you remember this then its a great memory, but it is probably expecting too much home mapping for a new player to bother to finish it (without cheating like me :) ) - observe the new hints system they have had to put on the new Monkey Island remakes - and though I like LOTT, its no Monkey Island...