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Hello Everyone,
I'm playing this wonderfull game, but I'm stuck in the vert beginning :s
I have freed Ratpouch from his torture instrument, and headed back to the room where there is a breakable wall. I'm too weak to do it myself, and Ratpouch must do it for me.
But it's impossible for me to talk to him, i sometimes see a talk icon on top of his head, but it stays only for a fraction of a second. I've tried also with the latest scummvm build, but it hasen't changed anything.
Any idea how to fix it ?
This question / problem has been solved by Ralackkimage
Try restarting the game sometimes ratpouch gets bugged on that bit. He will actually be in the other room or standing somewhere else but his character looks like its moving about. I encountered it when I first played as well.
If anyone else is experiencing this issue, I would like to add that there's a way of getting past this bug without restarting. If you move your mouse around (most likely in room where you released him) then you will sooner or later find Ratpouch (he is invisible, but your cursor tells you when you find the hotspot). Just tell him to come to the room where you already are and soon he appears from the door and everything works normally.