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Changelog for Patch 1.06.21 (added 22 June 2016):

- Update to Redefine Controls UI so show default bindings
- Updated Japanese localisation
- Added option to hold shift during game launch to bring up options dialog (allows play to select which monitor to run the game on)
- Fix for a possible lock when jumping on the 'boing gun'
- Fix for broken collision in the kitchen
- Fix for missing collision on the way to CSEC4 Map room
- Reduced trigger area over Ice Puzzle button
- Fix for highlight around collectable items in the book not switching off under rare circumstance
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Changelog for Patch 1.06.27 (added 05 July 2016):

- Updated Russian/Portuguese/JP Localisation.
- Fixed Z-fighting in one room.
- Fixed some of the Cauldron zone torches to take account of speed-run related exploit and remain on (doesn't fix the exploit, don't worry).
- Added Old School time trial results to the EXTEND screen during completion sequence.
- SwingToExit now has a helper platform appear if you die too often.
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Changelog for patch 1.11.08-Windows / GOG-6 (Windows) (added 09 November 2016):

- The latest Windows build of Lumo addresses some long standing issues with XBox One / Xbox 360 (Wired and Wireless) controllers that have been present in the game since the Win10 Anniversary update.

- This has been tested with the following pads:
- PS4
- Xbox 360 (Wired and Wireless)
- XBox One (wired)

- Other joypads should work, but may require you to define your own controller mappings in Settings->Controls. Fight sticks are not directly supported.

- In addition to this I've re-written the redefine controls screen [and back-end], fixing several small issues that have been in there since release.

Other fixes:

- Small balancing changes
- Clue added to the Ice Cube Stairs room
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Any word on when we might get the latest update?
When we are going to get latest v1.17.2 update??