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(google translate from my original post)

SAVE: e.g. D:\Games\Lula - The Sexy Empire\DATA\SAVE
MISCELLANEOUS: - F1: video help, F2: menu

LEVEL 1: - Bar, Gambler: Stake high, only 1 die if won, save, reload if lost; gives up to $1000
- Rent motel room Buy toys, camera, films; Recording; give to the agent in LICENSE = daily earnings;
- Bar, Dealer: new documents =; untouchable for FBI: with 50k credit new LEVEL 2; better: make 50-100 films, license them, but don't collect the money (save a lot)

LEVEL 2: - Beginning: - Studio: camera+lighting, each 1xdirector+cameraman+lighting technician
- Casting: 1xcasting employee, 4xperformers; +LULA=Improve Mood
- Planning Office: 1xWriter+Prod. Assistant+Prod. Designer each
- Gate: 2xguards+most expensive weapons=rest, 1xcleaner
it may be that if you ignore the director's demands, he'll quit
- optional: - Recreation Room: recreation; Props: 3x people each for props (buy sex toys + props), 2x plasters
- optional 2(because of Lula ?): Marketing Office: 2x people; Bring 10min short films to the same guy from level 1 (license = weekly earnings)
Actors: bad for the 5-day training because the biggest money driver; maybe make 5-10 high-quality films & sell them yourself, then just click on the orders once a day...?!
- possible with approx. 2million new LEVEL 3; better hoard a lot in the bank because you can take it with you
- make a lot of money(!); about 15 million with 2 studios + 2 "groups" = EASY for Level3

LEVEL 3: Money must be collected manually from EVERY shop: necessarily private jet + pilot; Parties+employees useless
1) Buy ALL shops in category 2-4, ALL at 100% QUALITY: staff, facilities, advertising
2) Sabotage in EVERY city, for EVERY shop: 55k = BEST, if enough money then "NUKE" = out of circulation forever & "someday" free to rent
4) "Visit" cities in rotation
5) in the event of sabotage: go to the relevant shop, content+staff+advertising+money OUT, contract is terminated = rent new