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Hi all I somehow zoomed out to far how do I zoom in again ? Thanks in advance.
the only place you cn zoom in or out is inside a dungeon, which is mouse wheel by default
I did it on my laptop by accident I have never had a mouse wheel. Are you telling me I'm screwed?
option1; Windows keyboards with current systems i.e, 8.1, 10 or 11

press the [windows key] + [=]... this has to be the top [=] key and it opens up the new zoom app, see images

option 2 or old school
press [shift] + [ctrl] + [alt] + [- or +] in the number pad side keys
this works on any Windows keyboard reguardless of OS but doesn't open a zoom app or show anything on the screen

note the + and - keys are the side pad ones... see images
keys_1.jpg (69 Kb)
keys_2.jpg (69 Kb)
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