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v0.91.46 Patch Notes
Monster Improvements and Adjustments:
Random enchantments for monsters' magic weapons
Monsters can use masterwork equipment and composite bows, etc.
Natural weapon damage dice advance and increase with level
Increased attacks of some monsters' natural weapons

Monsters gain feats randomly
Adjusted most monsters' feats
Some monsters no longer learn fighter-specific feats
Mindless monsters (vermin, some undead, etc.) can not gain more feats and skill points
Fixed: Skeletal Champion and Zombie Lord can not gain more feats
Fixed: Monsters may learn a large number of unrelated feats at high levels

Reduced base ability scores of most normal monsters (Elite Array: 25 buy -> Special Array: 15 buy) and changed equivalent classes from PC classes to NPC classes
Significantly reduced min level of most monsters
Limit max number of some monsters in one battle
Adjusted some monsters' equipment
Added spell resistance to golems
Changed Obsidian Golem's Magic Immunity to spell resistance

New Optional House Rules:
Remove Level Adjustment and Racial Hit Dice
Improve core races and some subraces' ability adjustments
Increase slow speed: 20 ft. -> 25 ft.; elf and its subraces gain Graceful Step

Random enchantments for monsters' magic weapons
Natural weapon damage dice advance and increase with level
Monsters gain feats randomly

Attack of Opportunity and Cleave may make multiple attacks
Add Con score to total HP
Fixed: Create new party in arena affect house rules of current party

Retraining characters of old saves can apply new house rules
+2 modifications of House Rules for old saves

Hit Points Algorithm Adjustments:
HP calculation is now based on expected value of class hit dice
Get max value of hit dice at 1st-level (Racial Hit Dice are excluded)
Changed "HP per level" to "Hit Dice" in class description
Optimized HP tip

Storage Box Optimization:
Added sorting, more options, and deposit/withdraw methods by item types
Optimized sorting order
Sorted items on top by default
Changed sorting options from global to game save
Changed Auto-store materials option from global to game save
Fixed: Auto-store materials may eat them
Fixed: Auto-merge when sort may no effect

Attack of Opportunity and Cleave make one single melee attack
Attack of Opportunity and Cleave do not trigger Smite Evil
Make extra attack of Haste with main weapon
Up to 1 alignment enchantment on a weapon
Optimized weapon damage tip on character panel
Always show full-round attack on character panel in battle
Polished some descriptions of feats
Fixed: Lizardfolk class alignment bug
Fixed: Lizardfolk multiclass level up bug
Fixed: Lizardfolk no class skills bug
Fixed: Some tip format bugs