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v0.91.24 Patch Notes
New craft features:
- Bond Silver
- Craft Composite Bow
- Craft Magic Guided Crossbow
- Upgrading Wondrous Items

Optimized Craft UI
Added Volume Production option in Blacksmithing
Added optional ammunition related crafts
Automatically use materials in bank storage box when craft
New option in storage box UI: Store materials into Storage Box automatically when enter city
New options in Craft UI:
- Show complete materials only
- Show success rate > 0% only
- Show success rate ≥ 50% only
- Show equipped when transform existing items
- Show items in backpack when transform existing items

Fixed bug of inaccurate skill success rate display (caused by a code error about skill aid checks)
Fixed enchantment bug of legendary armor
Reduced time-consume of chopping/mining: 3h -> 2h
Rogues trained Open Lock and Disable Device by default
Increased reputation growth
Increased story NPCs' level
Reduced difficulty of Spikes Fortress battle
Added town services menu in town UI
Improved description of some town functions
Added description of special materials in item tips

Optimized some UIs
Fixed wrong silvered affix on crossbows
Fixed gibberish in recipe list of arcane residues
Fixed bug where can load game before saving
Fixed bug where sometimes Craftsman’s Spirit cannot be completed
Fixed bug where quests may be completed incorrectly after loading game repeatedly

Note: When you encountered a bug, please zip and send your saves (the game folder\saves) to It's extremely useful for debugging.