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high rated
New skills: Miner, Woodcutter
Added forest farms, mines, quarries, etc. in the world map
Added Artisans Guild to San Ayrr
Added quest The Plight of Artisans for new skills

Changed DC (difficulty class) of aid checks from constant 10 to variates
Doubled skill proficiency points required per rank
Added more details in tips of skill training menu items
Optimized Skills UI
- Show/set skill users
- Show proficiency/assigned ranks
- Description: Added maximum combining users
- Description: Optimized proficiency related text

Adventure settings: Optimized description of town adventurers related options
Adventure settings: Added resource/other sites refresh cycle options
Changed refresh cycles of dungeons/misc sites from random to fixed
Show Restock/Resource respawn date in tips of sites
Reduced chances of selling lockpicks/tools in towns
Reduced lockpicks loot
Increased maximum carrying capacity of spell materials
Adjusted terrain and towns around Whitehawk City

Added hotkeys for frequently-used buttons of some UIs
Optimized some UI details
Replaced some art resources
Adjusted armor of Human Cleric/Human Archbishop/Dwarf Guard/Dwarf Mauler for lower AC
Fixed enchantment Keen on some ranged weapons such as longbows
Fixed missing BOSS battle music and loot of the banker quest
Fixed: can not be assigned again after dismissing a skill user
Fixed: quest description not updated after losing quest items
Removed out of ammunition prompts
Optimized description of Copy Party/Character Details to Clipboard
Polished English text of adventure events (Thanks again, Roy)
Fixed "@" typos of some trap names