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Dear investigators,
The new version 1.1 comes with a lot of fixes, new content, and surprises. Take a good look at the patch notes:

* We have improved the shooting system in the game.

* Balance improved: We have improved the balance of the Professor up to the Library location. We have reduced the stamina cost of the Explosive shot, but we have increased its delay. We have improved the balance of the Detective and every location of his storyline.

* New enemies and traps: We have added new traps and enemies in the Professor's cemetery level and other locations.

* New animations and visual elements: Now the plants in the game react when you run through them. Also, we added animations to the trees and other elements to improve the visual experience of the game.

* New items: We have added items that give immunity to certain effects like Bleeding, Stun, Traumas, etc...

* New sound effects: We have added sound effects to certain consumable objects.

* Quest fixed: We have fixed the quest of the mother & child in the Detective's Pogost.

* Necronomicon: Now you can find in the levels of the game, and in the shops, different copies of the Necronomicon. Use them wisely and they may grant you valuable objects, access to a secret location, or a certain and terrible death.

* Eye of Azathoth: Fixed the issue that hides the map if you use two Eyes of Azathoth in the same location.

* Night hunter: Fixed the problem with the Night hunter in the Professor's Cemetery, that appeared frozen if you had already saved the Witch previously.

* Shoggoths in the Ice City: We have discovered and fixed the issue with the Shoggoths turrets, which wouldn´t spawn, blocking the player in a cleaned room.

* Achievements: Now it is possible to get the following achievements - Collector of stories, Stories expert, Professional reader, and The end?.

* Objects stackable: Now it is possible to stack the "trash" objects (books, treasures, etc.) in batches of 10.

* Key reconfiguration: Now it is possible to reconfigure the keys Shift and Alt, and the buttons of the mouse.

* Gamepads: Now the gamepads won´t vibrate when receiving a small amount of damage, for example, of the debuffs (Bleeding, acid, poison, etc...).

* Visual changes: We have changed the color of the poison debuff to not mistake it with the acid debuff.

* Quests fixed: We have fixed several quests of the Thief storyline. Now they should work properly.

* Sound fixed: Now the heroes scream less often when hurting (Bleeding, Poison, etc...)

* Shoggoths fixed: We have solved the issues with the Shoggoths of the Ice City.

* Traps: We have fixed the traps in the cemetery type levels. Some were invisible or covered up by elements of the scenery.

* Professor: We have fixed a rare bug that upon death, the explosive shoot of the Professor didn´t work, and the player was forced to restart.

* Ice City: We have reduced the number of rooms in the Ice City level of the Professor.

* Rooms blocked: We have fixed the issue with certain rooms that remained blocked, despite having eliminated every enemy.

As you can see, it has been a long way for us, but we are proud of the result. We will continue as hard as ever improving, fixing, and adding new things to our game. Please continue being as awesome, and inform us of any issue that you find. We promise to continue giving you all as much support as possible and improving our game.

The Devs
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Ah, cool. Thanks for the patchnotes. :-)