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Dear all, please find the patch notes of the version 0.76

Old Mines: We have included new mini-events and the plot quest necessary to access to the new sub-location "Caves of the green fire".
Caves of the green fire: A new plot sub-location for the Old Mines. It includes mini-events and plot quests.
Coastal Township: The first level located in the coastal city of Innsmouth.
Devil reef: First Great Old One encounter. This map is not final, and the rooms will change slightly on future patches. Don't let the cults to awaken Dagon!
Changes on the Strange Place: Now you will find 5 altars, one per Great Old One. You will have to collect information about each Great Old One, and a key, in the different locations and sub-locations of the game, in order to activate the portals to the secret places where these monsters are hiding. You can see in the Strange place now, your progress in the game, and how much information you have acquired of each Great Old One.
New creatures: Dagon cultists, lurkers, Deep Ones.

Balance of the locations
We have improved even more the balance of every level in the game. This is still not the final balance, but definitely makes things much better.
Mansion: We decreased the attack range of the enemies. The mansion now is smaller, and also, the cultist have taken their turrets to other, more strategic, places. You won´t have to face the turrets here anymore, but you will, most surely, find them later on.
Hospital: We have lowered the damage of the Mi-Go, to counter their range and speed. We have lowered the hitpoints of the Abomination, and the damage of its range attack. We have slightly lower the damage of the acid pools.
Countryside Pogost: We have limited the maximum amount of enemies on the room, to avoid the problem of the necromancers summoning undeads non-stop. We have made the necromancers a bit slower.
Old Mines: We have lowered the hitpoints of the big spiders.
Caves of the green fire: The towers re-appear in this location, but they rotate much slower than the old ones, making it easier to run around them and shoot them from behind.

The enemies of the Countryside Pogost now react to the Ibn-Ghazi`s liquid and stop attacking you, while under its effect.
Now, if you die while fighting the Mi-Go boss of the laboratory, and use an Ankh, the boss won´t appear with you in the room, after you resurrect.
The animation of fly of the Mi-Go boss in the laboratory, now works as intented.
Fixed many issues of objects clipping over each other, with weird visual results.
Fixed visual issues with secret doors, on several locations. Now they look as it should.
Fixed the issue where you could push the corpses of Googs in the Old mines.
Fixed the issue where if you had an item that increased your hitpoints, after resurrecting, you didnt have the full health bar, but only the basic health.
Fixed the issue with the freeze effect of the spiders in the Old Mines. Now the character recovers stamina as intented, when the effects disappear.

Please, send us your comments, critics and opinions. Do you find more interesting the locations with the additions of content and changes? Do you like the new locations? How hard was for you guys to complete the new quests? Do you feel that the game improves?

Thank you for your support!

The devs