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Dear investigators,
We have uploaded the new version 1.201 with the final balance of the Ghoul, new improvements and additions, lots of fixes and... The version for Macintosh users!! See the details below:

Final balance of the Ghoul: We have completed the balance of the fifth character, as well as, of every level and mob that will face in his part of the story.

The Stun attack will kill now the bug traps, and stuns the enemies (those not immune) in a big radius.

The dodge does damage as before.

The secondary attack does bleeding effect.

As a reminder, the ghoul cannot use medkits, but he regenerates HP and can eat meat to heal faster (at the cost of sanity).

Fast travel: many of you thought that when the map is empty and you just need to explore, walking around empty rooms was tedious and slow. In this version, we have included the fast travel. To use it, open the map, press the "J" key, or its equivalent if you play with gamepad, and choose the room where you want to fast travel. Limitations: You can only activate it in a room without enemies, and only to safe rooms.

Professor: We have lowered to difficulty of the Jungle level and the Wyverns won´t apply now the Freeze effect as often as before.

Things to come in future updates:
German language.

Edition of the English text.

As always, thanks a lot for your support! Please, send us your comments, opinions, ideas... We will be happy to read them!

The Devs
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