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Dear investigators,
We have uploaded the new version 1.196. This time we bring the final balance to the Thief, visual improvements, new music (Yes!! New amazing tracks!!), as well as lots of "behind the scene" fixes and improvements. See the details:

News and improvements:

[*] We have added new music tracks that include:

- 2 new ambience tracks for the game's levels.
- 4 reactive looped tracks for combat situations.
- Game over track song.
- Victory track song, while facing a Great Old One.
- Defeat track song, while facing a Great Old One.

[*] Final balance of the Thief: This was a tricky one. We have focused mainly on the difficult progression between levels. The main problem that we saw with the Thief was that in the first levels, she was really weak, and had a lot of survival issues but, once got geared, became a melee tank, losing every part of the stealthy theory behind this character, that we wanted to keep.

- We have added a "Bleeding effect" to the basic attack of the Thief.

- Bugs and Tentacles traps won´t react if you activate Stealth.

- We have reworked the HP & range of the enemies, as well as their behaviour to match the "melee" condition of our character. Still, you will face plenty of range enemies, and you should kill them as quick as you can.

- We have added the possibility of "cancelling" the attack of the Thief by moving in the opposite direction to where she is facing. Why this? Because before the character was kind of stuck in the attack animation, and would receive a lot of damage.

- We have increased a lot the damage of the throwing knives. They should play now an important part of the strategy. Also, we have lowered their price in the shop.

We are very happy with the final result and, even though the Thief well geared is still a killing machine, the stealthy approach shall be needed most of the time. No more tanking around!

Things to come in future updates:

[*] Improved balance and changes for the Ghoul.

[*] German language.

[*] Edition of the English text.

As always, thanks a lot for your support! Please, send us your comments, opinions, ideas... We will be happy to read them!

The Devs[