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Dear investigators,
We have uploaded the new version 1.18. This time we bring the final balance to a new character, plenty of visual improvements, and additional information for the player. See the details:

News and improvements:
* We have added a visual effect to the doors that lead to the boss rooms. Get ready before the final fight!

* We have added an amazing visual effect to the insanity. Feel more than ever how crazy you become!

* We have added to the Credits a group of funny musicians, go take a look!

* We have added map stats in the pause menu. Now you can see quickly how many secret rooms, minievents, and rooms you have found.

* Main menu: Now you will see the information about the game in progress when you select the "Continue" button. Character, location & Level of difficulty.

* Strange place: We have added a list of the items found with their description. Take a look at it at the table.

* Strange place: Go take a look at the skeleton. :steammocking:

* Strange place: Now the board that shows the information about the Great Old Ones collected, also gives hints about where you can find the missing items.

* Strange place: We have improved the Sorting option of the storage. Now also sorts by Object.

* We have lowered the priority of books, bones and treasures when picking up objects from the floor. Now, these are the last ones, to avoid filling up the inventory with useless items.

* Final balance of the Witch: We have improved the balance of the Witch to offer a fair beginning and a challenging end. Suit up with your most powerful items, and check it out! Warning: There are new enemies and traps out there!

* We have fixed the problem with some doors being blocked by a wall.

* We have changed the quest of the Black Pharaoh.

* We have fixed the error with the door to The Old One Temple location.

* Other minor fixes and improvements.

Things to come in future updates:
* New music tracks.

* Improved balance and changes for the Thief.

* Improved balance and changes for the Ghoul.

* German language.

* Edition of the English text.

As always, thanks a lot for your support! Please, send us your comments, opinions, ideas... We will be happy to read them!

The Devs