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Dear investigators, the version 0.80 comes to impress you all! Prepare yourself because along with the usual improvements in balance, and resolution of bugs, we bring new content that will leave you speechless. Here we go!


[*] Professor's quest line completed: The quest line of the Professor, that we started in the patch 0.79, comes to an impressive and unexpected end, giving a "Go" to the part of the story on which the main star will be our third playable character, the Witch!!

[*] Added new levels: Expedition to Antarctica, The lost temple, The Library, R'lyeh!

[*] We have included in one of the Professor's levels, the possibility of unlocking the third playable character: The Witch!! You will have to play with the Professor in order to unlock this powerful character.

[*] New playable character, The Witch: For now, you can only play with her, to get used to her skills over the elements, in the same levels of the Professor. Using her magic skull as focus, she can shoot mid-range fire bolts to her enemies, and she can summon auras to protect herself and kill every enemy that may surround her. She can create fire, ice & electric auras. Learn which aura will be more effective against each enemy!!

In a next patch, we will include the special locations and quests of the Witch!

[*] Face the all-mighty Cthulhu: Our second Great Old One encounter! Try to stop its awakening! Use all the knowledge and skills of the Professor to avoid this catastrophe!

[*] New sound effects


[*] Solved issues in several mini events and quests.

[*] Solved the problem on several locations where the player killed every enemy on the room, but the seals on the doors remained, leaving the character locked.

[*] The shield of the Professor now damages the parasites of the jungle.

[*] Solved the issue where the character lost sanity but appeared a message saying the he recovered sanity.

[*] Solved the issue in the Writer shop, that offered items without cost.


[*] We have improved the balance for the Professor.

[*] Improvements in the AI of the enemies.

[*] We have eliminated many grammar and punctuation issues in the text of the game.

We need a lot of feedback from you on this patch, because the amount of new content is quite important. Play with the Professor, try the Witch, tell us if you find any bug.

Thanks a lot for your support!

The devs