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high rated
Dear investigators, the version 0.79 is available for you to download. In it, we finally bring new juicy content, we have improved the balance, and we have fixed many bugs:


* Professor's quest line: We have started to include the story of the professor in the game. Now you can play the Laboratory, the Ancient Cemetery and Pickman's Catacombs, with special minievents and quests for the Professor.

* New types of mines: We have increased the arsenal of the professor. Now he can use Acid, Electric and Ice mines.

* New exclusive items and weapons: The professor now has become even more dangerous than before. FEEL THE POWER OF THE SCIENCE!!!

* New traps: We have added new traps in the Coutnryside Pogost and in De la Pour Crypt. Watch your steps!

* New sound effects & tracks


* Solved issues in several mini events and quests.

* Minor fixes of the UI

* Now the door quest to the Green Fire cavern works as intented.


* We have improved the balance for the Detective, on every level.

* We have lowered the difficulty of the Abomination in the Hospital.

* Improvements in the AI of the enemies.

* We have changed the system of the shops. Now the items offered are totally random, so you never know what you may find in them.

* We have eliminated many grammar and punctuation issues in the text of the game.

Thanks a lot for your support, very soon we will have a new content patch, full of surprises!

The Devs