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Dear investigators, the version 0.78 is available for you to download. In it, we have focused on fixing may bugs that we have found on the road, and added some new things. Check out the detailed notes:

Fixed the issue where if you used a bettle or ankh while shooting, the character couldnt shoot.

Fixed the issue that some loot appear over the walls

Solved many clipping issues of graphic elements.

Minor fixes of the UI

We have included a new item drop system more balanced. Expect less useless items and more practical ones. No more empty chests.

New system in the shops: Now both the King in yellow and the Writter will offer random objects every time you find them.

Improvements in the AI of the enemies.

We have improved the skills of the Professor. The explosive shot now doesn´t damage the Professor, but we have increased its cost of energy. The shield can be recharged, and now protects the Professor based on the energy remaining in his device. Still, we need to improve the balance of this character.

Chapter selection available: We are aware that many players have completed the game, and they want to replay a specific location. We have added this possibility in the character selection screen. Click on a character, and a menu will pop up with the levels available. In order to see the level list, you need to reach, at least once the Strange Place to activate it, and complete the levels at least once to have it available on the list.

We have included new sound effects, and music.

We have eliminated many grammar and punctuation issues in the text of the game.

Thanks a lot for your support, very soon we will have a new content patch, full of surprises!

The devs