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I now have to restart the Innsmouth Level for the 4th time, because of a dumb design decision. I wanted to sell some stuff. Accidentally sold some really rare item, which I wanted to keep. I had just one room before saved my progress on the save spot. Now I just wanted to restart my game from that save spot, so I have my item back. But there is no option to do that. There is a "Restart" option, but I have no idea, if that restarts the whole level or from my last save spot. So I figured, going back to the "Mysterious Place" with the storage would do, what I want. But instead after I continued my game, I had to start from the very beginning of Innsmouth! My progress was not saved. Am I supposed to go back to the main menu and then resume the game in order to "load" from a save point? And now all my Sanity is gone, since that was the last status when I saved my game at the save point. So now I have to try to beat the level with almost no room for error, because all the tentacle thingies will sap my sanity.
I am also very unhappy with the way, that saving and loading is handled in the game. Unless you sacrifice one of your Trinket item slots to wear an Ankh, you have to restart from the beginning of the level, which can mean, that up to an hour of progress is lost. And most of the time, you don't know, if you need an Ankh in the next room, and die very quickly, if things go south (it would also be nice to have any warning or screen effect, that you are about to die).
It is also not possible to abandon the game and resume later. If real life obligations force me to quit my game, I have to, once again, start all over again, unless I have found a save point.
I really love the game and have a ton of fun, but having to play the same level again and again, sometimes even without being my fault, is no fun at all.