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Standalone installer updated: [Windows] 1.0.1 ⇒ 2.0.1.
Patch note 2.1.0 [May 14, 2024]

The update fixes some annoying bugs and improves the overall experience.

① Improvements
• Improved scenes of Yuriko & her friend.
• Buying items on the Amazoo App now allows inputting quantities for convenience.
• Option to choose to sleep through multiple sessions.
• Some locations will unlock when reaching the Festival instead of completing missions.
• Added some objectives related to the Social App.
• Texting: Added casual texting content. When there are no new messages, the texting theme button will display in red.
• The Gallery button will move to the settings section in the game.
• Added Language selection popup the first time entering the game.

② Game Balance
• Added items to increase Personal Trait points: Bad Boy, Honest, Sensitive are sold in the entertainment center shop.
• Balance: Festival and Reset Day buttons will unlock earlier.
• Balance: Reduced difficulty of some objectives.

③ Bug Fixes
• Fixed bug where chibi does not show in the tea room for the 2k screen.
• And some other minor bugs.
Hot Fix 2.0.1 [April 27, 2024]

• Fixed the minigame bug that caused the ball to get stuck.
• Fixed chibi postures not unlocked even when having enough correct points.
• Fixed the bug that didn't allow the camera to be installed.
• Fixed the bug missed text of button hotel location.
• Fixed wrong display of rewards when claiming all rewards from the missions.
Big Update 2.0.0 Available Now! [April 26, 2024]

① New Features
We've added some fun activities and introduced more time management challenges to enhance immersion.
• Two new seasonal events, Spring Festival, and Cherry Blossom Festival, will take place on days 25 and 55 respectively. During these times, reaching a certain level of affection allows you to undertake missions with the girls.
• Social App: More engaging posts that allow reactions, comments, and posting.
• Texting: Proactively messaging girls to create memorable romantic moments.
• New Mini Game in the Entertainment District (Note: temporary art, mechanics still being refined).
• New Locations: Mall, Farm, Hospital - these locations will be expanded with additional interactive elements in the future.
• Introducing a new currency: Reputation Points (RP), earned by completing missions and used for exchanging gifts.
• New Shop in the Mall where RP can be used to exchange for special items.
• Addition of new NPCs.

② Improvements
Adjustments have been made to provide space for players to strategize and balance
• activities to optimize various stats.
• Traits such as bad boy, honest, or sensitive now allow you to unlock chibi variations.
• New Mood depletion mechanism: Continuous work leads to increased mood depletion. With each promotion and salary increase, mood depletion also increases.
• New Energy depletion mechanism: Working out at the gym consumes more energy with each subsequent workout in a day. Energy depletion increases by 20% when stressed.

③ Affection
• Added level 6 (Intimacy): When at the Intimacy level, you can message the girl with a new intimacy level. If this level isn't maintained over time, affection will decrease back to level 5.
• Each higher affection level requires more affection to increase the level.
• Improved graphics and detail on the world map.
• Improved appearance of MC.

④ Game Balance
• Increased the price of some gifts.
• Added items to increase energy.
• Adjusted the values of some items to increase mood and energy
• Plus various other improvements and minor bug fixes.
PATCH NOTE 1.0.1 [Feb 1, 2024]

① Feature Updates
• Reduced the book collection from 10 to 7 books.
• Fixed some typos.
• Added a hover effect when hovering over the bookshelf in the classroom.
• Minor fixes.

② Game Balances
• Increased the quality of the items given from reading books.
• Increased the quality of the items given from touching the tree.
• Exercise books now offer 10 points instead of 5.