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glaudioman: This game is a french game, if I remerber correctly... There was a frnech subtitled version... Will it be avalaible soon ???
This is fixed as of July 12 2018 :) Sorry it took so long though!
Nicoyaga: Yes it was a full french version (voice and subtitle).
Cadaver747: It's no use without French version! Come, on, GOG!
Fixed as of 12.07.2018.
VeganRene: missing german audio! why? the german sound in lost eden is very nice
The German version has been added on 12.07.2018.
Xscape2041: I only discoverd today that finally this great Cryo game is available. I hope there are many more to follow!!!

Normally, this would be an instant buy for me. BUT I`m kind of fond of the language I first played it in, which is GERMAN. And what about FRENCH since it is a game by a french company?

As soon as you add at least GERMAN or both French+German language support (audio and text) you got me! Same for almost any other Cryo Adventure game.
French & German have been added on 12.07.2018.
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