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Here is the situation:
The LORIA project is at a standstill, for lack of money!
over 3,000 hours on the project, for about $5 an hour.
Why only 9.99€?

Here’s a solution: small Dlcs without promotion.
An amulet, unit, hero or building, extra.
I’m willing to pay $4.99 for a super amulet, or a hero.

Here’s another solution: A kickstarter project
Directed LORIA 2, multiplayer, with maritime units and a fiercer AI.
you could realize the financial support, and can be continued the adventure.
Sold at a fair price this time, 25€ for example, enough to live even with a promo.

My story is:
Great fan of Warcraft for a long time, I stopped with my passage on Linux!
My collector’s edition bought 60€ and more, take the dust for years.
I bought Loria on her release, with the launch promotion, only €7.99 on GOG.
I regret my impatience, I was ready to pay 19.99€ for LORIA!
In 3D as "Warcraft III" (or "Dungeons 3" that I own) 29.99€ or more.

Given us a chance to pay you properly, and continued your work, please.
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Is this project really dead? Is it true, that there wont be any updates to Loria, anymore?
OP_2021: Is this project really dead? Is it true, that there wont be any updates to Loria, anymore?
I just saw your message, the game will have updates to keep it running I think, but the evolution like the new aquatic faction, and the multiplayer, it's not likely.

There is a good news, I heard that the developer is making a new Loria multiplayer more ambitious more modern more beautiful.

Liquidation - Echoes of the Past:

Hopefully he will sell it at a fair price, to pay for his work.
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Good morning, LinuxFire.

Thank you for this information! Sad to read, that Loria is more or less dead in the original form.
Anyway, I will try to follow the development of Liquidation - Echoes of the Past. :)

Wish you all the best!
OP_2021: I will try to follow the development of Liquidation...
The developer is funny, and he has a Discord Liqidation, to find him follow the Discord link of Loria:

Wish you all the best ;-)
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