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For Linux players, the title says it all. It is also worth mentioning, that as per author, linux antive port is coming through thanks to using Unity, IF they won't encounter any real roadblocks:
Just finished it on Arch Linux using wine-staging 5.17. Works perfect out-of-the-box, no need for tinkering or any additional configuration. Performance overall is also very good, I played on weak laptop with Intel HD graphics which is way below official requirements and with "good" details setting it was mostly smooth although with frame drops in some locations and very occasionally quite long loading times.

However I did encounter one nasty bug when in Chapter 5 game was crashing after watching TV. I managed to work around this by disabling "winegstreamer" library:

1. Run winecfg
2. Go to Libraries tab
3. Type winegstreamer and 'Add' it
4. 'Edit' it and set to Disabled
5. Apply, done

After that the video clips on TV won't play anymore (it's still possible to change channels for bad ending though) but I was able to complete chapter and entire game without any more problems. Maybe it'll help someone else too.
Post edited September 25, 2020 by ssling