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Lords and Villeins has been updated to version 0.15.17 (55045).

Changelog from Steam:

Minor Update v0.15.17 Released!

For the second round of hotfixes for the recently released Nobility and Clergy update, we have been focusing on AI, crashes and added few extra UI improvements. Especially those of you, who are playing on bigger maps, will certainly find useful the ability to change the frequency of autosaves in the settings, or turn them off alltogether! We have addressed a lot of issues, so let's just jump into the changelog right away.

We are monitoring both the Steam forums and conversations on our Discord. You can also mail us your feedback to If you wish to file a bug report, please make sure to include a screenshot and ideally a save file and player logs, that can be located in Users\[USER]\AppData\LocalLow\Honestly Games\Lords and Villeins\
and the SaveData subfolder.

Major Bugs Fixed

Fixed several issues with trash pile management.
Fixed a bug that caused an accounting report not to show the previous season.
Fixed a crash caused when villagers are removing a knackery with corpses inside.
Fixed several crashes with AI causing them to be "Doing nothing" and eventually starving or freezing.
Fixed bug with Coinmakers not making money from silver or copper.
Fixed an issue with the calculation of donations to the clergy by noble families. This is a likely cause behind frequent departures of nobles despite limited donations done by the player.
Fixed an issue with building a structure that causes the creation of an unclickable and unremovable blueprint.
Fixed an issue with animal procreation needs, preventing them from reproducing.
Fixed scaling for animal generation frequency on bigger maps.
Fixed an issue with caravans not coming to town perpetually, after a deadly incident.
Fixed a few issues causing corrupted save files and preventing the game from saving.
Fixed an issue with caravans getting temporarily stuck when leashing animals during departure.
Fixed issue causing villagers of exiled families constantly leash animals to the edge of the map.
Fixed an issue making it possible for a villager or an animal move into a structure that was under construction and becomming permanently stuck
Fixed an issue causing lag spikes when villagers tried to enter an inaccessible area
Fixed an issue causing villagers to be stuck when they try to empty bar after sitting on a chair
Improved the pricing system to reflect long existing stock that has not been sold off. This should drive prices down the more villagers compile produced resources and trigger caravans to become interested in purchasing. We have identified this to be the main reason for a low caravan interest.
Fixed an issue with ground resources not being sold by caravans.

Minor and/or Visual Bugs Fixed

Fixed an issue causing villagers selling ingredients that they should not be selling.
Fixed an issue with donating money to multiple families.
Fixed an issue that occured when family left the villager while the ledger book was open.
It is no longer possible to expel the ruling family.
Increased threshold for cursor detection on edges of the screen to address issues with map mouse scrolling in specific resolutions.
Fixed an issue causing families to not clear their storefront when they are expelled.
Fixed an issue with the appearence of graves in specific rotations.
Fixed visual issue with fireplace always appearing to be on even when it is off.
Added silver and copper jewelery to the supported resources of the cabinet storage.
Updated tooltip of the oven to say "Heating" instead of "Baking".
Fixed an issue with statues not generating statue resource when removed.
Fixed an issue causing wool and gem ore to not be collected under stewardry.
Fixed issue with negative demand displayed in the market presence.
Fixed issue with butchers slaughtering animals before they had a butchering table.
Fixed a visual issue with decorations placed ona table (i.e. candle).
The price list now shows prices for meals and alcohol served at the bar.
Fixed the description text of the feeder to display assigned animals correctly.
Added missing resources to the farmland production list (Wheat, Barley, Oat, Rye, Rice).

Balance Changes

All equipment now lasts two years. This should give players more time to establish a tailor and reduce the amount of rags in the economy.
Increased beauty need satisfaction from art, to prevent villagers constantly interrupting their tasks to look at statues.
Clergy is no longer limited by amount of villagers that can do cooking.
Price for bed at the inn / tavern as well as profit from sold beverages has been increased.
Ruling family no longer has to pay for the bed at the inn if they are forced to sleep there. On the other, they now must pay for any beverages they consume.
Optimized prioritizes for attending church and holding Sunday Service.
Reduced penalty for not having all villagers attending Sunday Service (only 75% of the settlement must attend)
Updated the world generator to generate fruit trees and flowers in the grassfields more often, while reducing the likelihood inside of the forest.
Butchers will now stop purchasing animals if the potential profit from their butchering yields are lower than the animal price.
Reduced frequency of villagers drinking at the inn.
Increased all prices by 25%, together with the amount of gold villagers carry.
Reduced prices of fish, meat and sausages, to make them competitive with other food ingredients and give butchers and fishers a chance to profit.
Reduced prices of straw and acorns to make villagers prioritize them as animal food.
Increased the starting amount of wood and removed wooden planks from the cost of the wooden wall.
Reduced the heat generated by fireplace, campfire and oil lamp.
Further reduced vegetation spread
Novices will continue to build despite a functional library, if there is nobody assigned to the monk order.
Teenagers can now operate the storefront.
The maximum amount of animals on a map has been increased.
Sizes of starting families have been increased (particularly fishermen).
Sizes of all spawned families have been increased to make presence of two-member families very rare. This also boosts tourism and increases external consumption at the inn.
Stone paving now costs 2 stone tiles instead of 1 stone.
Reduced probability of pets producing an offspring.
Villagers will now purchase beer or mead at random.
Increased profit per alcohol glass.
Increased prices of meals at the inn and the tavern.
Reduced price of grain to make production of bread more profitable.
Reduced time to produce flour in the mill.
Increased time to process an animal corpse by the butchers.
Cost of animals is reduced relatively to the cost of meat, to make butchering more profitable.
Sausages, cheese, bread and butter have been moved to a new cooking ingredient category called Made Products. Pastry category has been removed.
Production of sausages now also requires grain.
Prices of meat and sausages have been reduced so they can compete on the market with other ingredients.
Villagers now go to the bed two hours later (10 PM).
Increased the amunt of money families start with.
Caravans stay for three extra days to give them more time to purchase surplus goods from various storefronts around the settlement.

Quality of Life Improvements

"Money" resource category appears on the top in the ledger.
Added extra condition for visitors to appear - there now must be a bar at the tavern / inn built as well.
All villagers are now able to collect fruits and blueberries from trees in their zones. Only farmers are able to plant them.
Added a question mark icon in the tooltip of selected structures, which brings up the structure tooltip from the build menu.
Added indicator to the structure tooltip if a structure has visual variations.
Added option in settings to manage the frequency of autosaves.
Animal age group is now displayed in the animal tooltip when selected.
Lords and Villeins has been updated to version 0.17.16 (56772).

Changelog from Steam (1/2):

New Organization Type: Demesne

Demesne consists of the ruling family, the servant groups and military regiments.
Players can manage military regiments in the demesne tab of the villager book.
New regiments can be created or removed. Regiment types support the daily guard, night guards nad soldiers.
Ruling family can now own animals and seize, grant, sell or buy them on market.
New animal Horse added, as well as Stables zone managed by servants, where they can be prioritized together with other player-owned animals.
Villagers can now ride horses. Nobles ride them for fun, and soldiers to train for war.
New horse-riding skill added.

New Designation: Servant

Player can enlist peasants to join demesne as servants. They can be assigned to different work groups and perform duties for the player ruling family.
Servants will perform different tasks based on their assignment. Cooks can cook for the military and ruling family, stablehands take care of animals (mainly horses), laborers haul resources and deal with basic construction tasks.
New Servant Zones: Cottage, Stables and Kitchen utilized by servants to provide housing, cooking facilities and space for animal husbandry.

New Designation: Military

Special regiments in the Demesne tab determine duties of all assigned villagers.
New Barracks zone added. Soldiers sleep there and use Training dummies to train combat skills.
Guards occupy the guard posts and chase and capture any criminals.
Soldiers train with their equipment and prepare themselves for war.
Soldiers reside in the barracks and eat food from the warehouse. They receive soldier pay once a season, that the player can manage in the villager book.
Soldiers can be promoted to generals. This improves survival chances for soldiers in war.
New weapon-mastery skills added

New Royal Tax Type: Regiments

Soldier regiments can be sent to war. Some of the soldiers may return alive after the war ends.
Player can manage equipment preferences for military regiments. Members of the regiment will seek to equip this equipment if available in the warehouse.
Royalty demands soldier regiments as part of the yearly targets. First year does not demand any soldiers. System is slowly ramping up through the first five years, when it reaches maximum (but still randomized) demands.
Regiments requested by the king in the current year generate an equipment template. Players can set this template when managing equipment, to make sure that the regiment meets the royal requirements.
Regiments have a soldier pay, which must be maintained to keep high morale. Soldiers donate portion of this money to their original family.
Soldiers can receive war veteran status if they survive the war. This improves their chances to survive another war and make them more valuable as generals.
New clergy zone Shrine allows regiments, that are marked to be blessed, to participate in the blessing ceremony. Blessing costs holy water and it improves their chance of survival in battle.

New Construction System: Builder Professions and Builder Tiers

Each structure is marked with a tier - default tier can be built by anyone without restrictions. Other structures needs either a carpenter family or architect family.
New professions of Carpenters and Architects and a new Carpentry and Builder's Guild zone. These families take care of construction of advanced structures. They also produce basic and advanced repair kits, which villagers must purchase to perform repairs.
Added optimization of hauling resources for multiple blueprints at once.

Health and Happiness Update

Villagers can now develop health conditions. These include injuries, fractures and sicknesses. Injuries and fractures can happen as a result of labor or combat. Sicknesses develop randomly over time. When villager is freezing, the likelihood is increased. Sicknesses also spread through proximity to other villagers.
Added new hospital zone
and a tending station
structure where people can heal their injuries and isolate with sickness. Clergy can assign nurses that will feed the sick and treat them with salve, bandages and cure.

Extended Tutorial

The tutorial has been redesigned and significantly extended to include new chapters that guide players through all features of the game:
Regular construction tasks are replaced with quests introducing the builder professions and enlisting servants to perform work previously done by ruling family.
After the inn is built, the tutorial continues with quests about establishing clergy, building churches, tavern, welcoming first noble family and donations with clergy. It also introduces new content by guiding the player through military content, creating regiments, recruiting soldiers, changing their equipment and preparing barracks, jail and execution.
We strongly recommend playing through the new tutorial before engaging with the new content, as it can clear out a lot of confusion about the game mechanics.
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New Activity: Criminal Acts

Villagers can now commit criminal acts of vandalism, theft and murder.
Villagers can lockpick doors when attempting criminal acts. Any door can be lockpicked, but it slows them down.
Villager committing a crime has a chance to be spotted by nearby guards. Chance is higher if they are closer to the guard and they will also pick a path that does not get too close to guard posts.
Added ability to imprison criminals and manage their sentence length, including execution order.
Changing sentence lengths can improve or damage reputation with impacted family.
New Executioner special role added. Soldiers can be assigned to it and the selected executioner will perform executions.
New Jail zone with Jail bench and Jail chair structures for captured prisoners.
New Execution Site zone with execution display and public stage structures to perform scheduled executions. Executions apply settlement debuff that reduces criminality chance, but hurt relationship with affected families.

Minor Features

Added support for Steam cloud saves and unique Steam ID accounts.
Villagers and animals have the ability to flee from combat and be chased by the agressor.
Villagers now go to sleep at semi-random times, to prevent behaviour of everyone getting up to sleep at the same time.
New arrow indicators on access points to help identify direction of usage.
New UI for ground storage restriction.
When selecting a wild animal, players can mark the animal to be either leashed away or killed. This will trigger guards to leash the animal outside of the zone boundaries, or killed pre-emptively. Hunters can still collect the corpses but only if they are within the hunters area (this may be addressed later).
All zoned corpses are now automatically claimed by the ruling family and stored in the knackery by servants. This should help clearing them out so they don't block construction.
Time during night speeds up earlier and it is significantly faster to reduce waiting times during night. It will automatically slow down if a nightly special event occurs (i.e. theft attempt).
Both mood and happiness is now displayed in the population book.
Expanded description in the detail of villagers to give more information, including progress of studies for novices in clergy.
Added terms of service page in menu.
Added an option to opt out of analytics in the settings and secured general compliance with GDPR.
Added settings to manage monitor in fullscreen.
Walking speed is now impacted by injuries and weight of equipment.
Added indicators of pregnancy to the population book.
Walls, roofs and structure now indicate durability and insulation qualities.
Villagers now have underwear when they have no clothes.
Added several types of pies as a recipe for bakers. They consume flour and fruits.
When resources are granted, the purchase list is immediately updated. This results into immediate update of the tooltip for what family needs.

Balancing Changes

Need system has been rebalanced. Happiness and mood is calculated more accurately and it now also takes into account player reputation.
Added rope as a cost requirement to several structures.
Updated starting resources both in tutorial and standard game.
Updated balancing of combat strength and defense.
Significantly increased amount of gold for nobles, as well as their passive yearly income.
Removed secondary bonus/penalty on relationships with families when granting or seizing. Now only relationship with target family is impacted. This was causing undesired effects and was especially troubling with nobles, and made them leave settlement.
Balanced insulation and durability qualities of walls, roofs and structures to reflect quality of used material better.
Redesigned system of joining combat to protect kin. Animals and villagers now have a chance to join combat or flee from danger.
Animals will not fight back during tutorial mode active.
New structure Blast Furnace added and replaced Oven in selected zones, to split the amount of recipes put on one structure type.
General improvements around economy stability, pricing, nobles satisfaction, clergy demands and taxation.
Regular game now begins with default servants and guards enlisted.
Increased yields of crops by 15-20%
Optimized resource prioritization for animals - first they consume acorns, then grain, then straw and then everything else. Purchasing behavior of these ingredients is still driven by cheapest price per weight.

Bug Fixes

Significant performance optimization around memory usage and loading times.
Roofs can now be built over a bar that is occupied.
Caravans will now store gold in their storage to allow sharing it for purchasing.
Fixed issues with families leaving with their animals.
Warehouse book was slightly redesigned and optimized to reduce stuttering when switching between pages.
Several fixes regarding AI crashes, leading to Doing Nothing behavior.
Fixed a minor bug with flailing spot.
Fixed visual error with statues in ground storages.
Fixed sorting issues with graves and plants.
Fixed issue with smelters harvesting clay in their households,
Nobles will now properly reduce their interest to stay if the tavern is not able to serve them excellent meals.
Fixed a bug with nobles causing them to spawn with low amount of money.
Fixed issue with scrolling the map at the edge of the screen with mouse cursor.
Fixed issue with incorrectly initializing lights and weather effect after loading.
Fixed issue with roofs sometimes incorrectly masking off weather effects.
Head of the ruling family starts with reading and writing learned.
Improved generation of structures in the starting area.
Fixed issue with chickens not laying eggs.
Several issues and crashes present in the previous version identified and fixed.
Lords and Villeins has been updated to version 0.17.19 (57277).

Changelog from Steam (1/2):

Functional Bug Fixes

Missing notification about a domesticated animal dying
Added fix that prevents servants to wear jewelry
Added missing ability of caravans to purchase animals from the player
Crash sometimes caused when an arrow was shot
Crash related to storing ground resources after a save was loaded once
Bug preventing bakers to make pies
Bug with wild animals not being generated in correct amounts throughout time
Bug preventing service fees to be paid and subsequently blocking other purchases
Villager getting stuck when charging at an enemy
Crash related to an inventory capacity being violated
Bugs related to relocating and feeding fainted villagers
Bug causing villagers to teleport when running away from crime
Bug causing all animals of certain herd to leave the map after a save file was loaded
Bug with fighting state machine that could cause vandalism to be stuck in a loop after a save file was loaded
Crash related to removing prisoner from jail, possibly preventing them to be freed properly
Reputation gains and losses by imprisoning and releasing were inverted
Crash related to a villager planning to go on a date with a villager that experienced death during this time
Bug causing villagers to be stuck in a loop of dropping repair kits
Bug incorrectly tracking church zones when they are removed
Bug causing villagers to collect fertilized eggs and preventing chicken to reproduce
Bug causing same-sex couples rolling for adoption chance twice, effectively doubling adoption probability over the intended value
Crash that could randomly occur during fighting
Bug preventing regiments to leave after they have been sent to war
Bug preventing construction on certain clay area as a result of faulty map generator
Visual bug of the execution display when rotated forward while executing teenagers
Missing inventory type allocation for pies
Several crashes related to loading a save file
Crash related to expelling a family
Bug causing animals to get stuck when left on a door tile
Bug causing any type of bench being considered as jail bench if placed inside of the jail
Bug causing clergy not purchasing what they need
Bug causing foragers to harvest trees before they are fully grown
Bug causing some items to load invisible
Bug causing ruling family to not study reading and writing

UI Bug Fixes

Create New button persisting through other pages of the population book
UI crash caused by an attempt to remove an animal from market listing
UI crash caused by a person dying when clergy tab was selected in the warehouse book
Incorrect amounts of consumed resources accumulated in the accounting reports
Bug with scrolling the family tree in the population book
Bug caused in tenure selection when a family of already existing last name was generated (we will be expanding the name list in future versions to avoid duplicates further).
Bug of randomly disappearing portraits in the population book
Bug incorrectly displaying cooking ingredient demand in the warehouse book
Bug causing requested soldiers to not be shown in the king report screen when it is first generated
Beehive displaying honey instead of honey comb
Floors were not displaying deterioration status in their tooltip
Fixed visuals of the variations for the good bed and good double bed assets
Overflowing UI element of the structure tooltip in the zone quick build context menu
Updated the king speech bubble text scaling to prevent text cutoffs in certain chapters
Misplaced yellow button highlight during tutorial in the build menu


Improved texture management and disposal to significantly reduce memory usage.
AI now has capacity to better organize among the family members by dynamically assigning roles. First role implemented was the purchaser who will collect all of the money the family owns and will heavily prioritize purchasing until it is no longer possible to buy things or all things have been bought. This should significantly reduce inefficiencies of the market where families would repeatedly go home to drop money and collect more money again because their plans had to change, or swap with another family member who ended up prioritizing it instead of them.

As a downside it is now more difficult to seize money from families because they are keeping them reserved in their pockets for most of the day and during that time they are not visible in the warehouse book. This will be addressed in future major updates.

Balancing Changes

Reduced chance of pregnancy for most animals and reduced also the frequency of procreation to provide more sustainable growth
Resources taxed by the king are now penalized in prioritization for the purpose of eating and refilling the feeder (they may still be used if there is no better option)
Probability of pregnancy for humans is now reduced only by the amount of living children (previously it would also reduce it by all children, including those already passed away).
Removed limitation for servant laborers to pick fruits only by one person. Regular families remain limited to prevent fruit picking to be too disruptive to their regular duties.
Added cap for thieves to not steal more than 5 gold worth of valuables, prioritizing money when stealing.
Rebalanced happiness and mood to provide smoother experience. Main changes include:
Player Reputation plays less of a significant role in reducing the happiness of people
Relationship with families also reacts to happiness a lot less aggressively, meaning it is less likely to drop due to people being somewhat unhappy. This also applies to nobles and it should increase the ability to keep them.
Significantly reduced negative impact on happiness for providing low pay to soldiers and servants (i.e. going lower than the default value).
Impact of the beauty need has been increased to promote the need for better housing of nobles. However, peasants beauty need is still satisfied relatively easily compared to nobles so this change should not impact peasants.
Reduced impact of ruler family members not knowing reading or writing
Increased impact of happiness penalties for nobles when they sleep in a low quality bed or eat normal meal.
In general, as long as peasants have food, heat, some kind of household with furniture and any kind of bed, their happiness should remain relatively high.

Updated balancing of carpenters and architects:
Time to produce repair kits have been doubled to reduce resource consumption and the resulting financial liquidity imposed on these families.
Price for a basic repair kit has been increased by about 150% to reflect the slower time to produce them and make them more profitable in general. Advanced repair kits kept their price since they were already expensive enough.

Updated balancing for military requests:
Reduced sizes of regiments requested by about 35%
The first soldier request will now arrive one year later than it currently did
Reduced the variance in regiment size requested to be more predictable and sustainable
Regiment requests will not increase in difficulty unless the player completes a certain minimum percentage equal to the threshold to receive additional favor points from the royals.
Reduced time for regiments to be away for war before the war outcome resolves to 50 - 70 days (roughly a year from previously 1 to 3 years).

Updated jailors and guards:
Jailors can now feed fainted prisoners so they don't die as a result of hunger.
Freeing a criminal and bringing them to the execution display can now also be performed by guards
Jail benches and jail chairs no longer require carpenter to be built

Increased the size of families generated through the favor point system by an additional generation.
Increased probability of mutual interest and requesting marriage after dating to increase the frequency of marriage requests.
Structures that are built or repaired are set to a random HP between 90-100%. This will space out their deterioration and make it easier to be maintained.
Grapes will no longer be requested by the royal tax since they can not be easily obtained from clergy.

Quality of Life Improvements

Added new Wattle Fence Gate asset that does not require carpenters to be built
Added new Brick and Crude Wood floor assets, costing 1 Brick and 1 Wood respectively
Added new storages
Drawer as a smaller version of the Cabinet
Small Barrel as a smaller version of the Barrel
Ground Depository as a smaller version of the Ground Storage
Small Shelves as a smaller version of the Shelves
Rusty Bookcase as a smaller version of the Bookcase

These storages do not require carpenter and have capacity equal to the existing larger equivalents. The current storages had their capacity and construction cost increased, but they now also require carpenter to be built.
Added storage capacity in KG displayed in the storage tooltip.
Added notification when a monk is initiated. This notification also corresponds with a bishop and minister being assigned as that happens immediately with the first two monks initiated.
Added shortcut button in the storefront context menu, which will open the buy tab with a family operating the storefront selected.
Lords and Villeins is out of early access and has been updated to version 1.00.00. I haven't found a changelog yet but the publishers posted about the new version on Steam Community:
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Lords and Villeins has been updated to version 1.02 (GOG update number 60567).

Changelog from Steam Community:
Most honorable lords and ladies!

the first wave of bugfixes is just being deployed to your lands. We have been working hard to resolve the most immediate issues and address some smaller problems, so we can improve the quality of the game while you wait for a bigger patch. Our efforts are not ending here!

In the following patch, we aim to fix more issues, but also spend time on improving the UI and adding quality-of-life features requested by our players, including more options to customize difficulty, a better way to manage priorities of villagers, more UI stats and balancing improvements, so stay tuned for the next patch in the following weeks! We are doing our best to deliver these updates to you as soon as possible.

In the meantime, here is a list of changes delivered with 1.0.2!

Major Bugs:

Updated Unity version to Unity 2021.3.14f1 to solve a number of native crashes caused by the engine
Sickness no longer impacts mood, happiness, and health before the sickness incubates (it will only spread to others during this time)
Chance to die from sickness was incorrectly multiplied by three because it was not recognizing villagers sleeping in bed
Expelling a family will automatically remove all related notifications
Fixed crash in the finance book related to when a family died or left
Fixed crash in the population book related to villagers dying
Fixed a backward compatibility crash for older save files
Fixed incorrect order of calls when objects are removed. This led to a number of crashes in the UI and other parts of the game
Fixed camera clipping issue that miscalculated cursor position due to a rounding error
Fixed serialization issue with tax data that allowed evaluating taxation multiple times if save file was made on the same day
Fixed a crash during loading which would happen when the player has no soldier regiments
Fixed incorrect music being queued on startup

Minor Bugs:

Fixed notification for marketplace closed being displaced incorrectly around the public celebration days
Unsafe Marketplace and Unsafe Tourism are now triggered only when a caravan member dies out of hunger, combat, or temperature (previously old age death would also trigger this debuff)
Increased character limit and changed validation method on the settlement name
Fixed Select keybinding action to allow rebinds
Requesting a custom family is now updating favor points immediately after spending them
Setting the Caravan price and switching to the local market and selecting Sell action will no longer switch to the "Free" price type
Sicknesses will now correctly show in the HUD counter after they end the incubation period
Unsafe Settlement, Unsafe Tourism, and Family Left Or Was Expelled debuffs now reset their timers with the most recent event
Fixed incorrect loading of states for Promotion quests during the tutorial
Fixed incorrect loading of a cooking quest during the tutorial
Fixed performance-related texturing issue in the zone tenure UI
Fixed crash when the database of unique last names would exhaust itself
Fixed possible crash with a villager moving on the edge of a map
Market Presence UI now automatically closes if it is displaying information about the family that left or died
Fixed crash related to a Market Presence UI when closed after family left or died
Fixed achievement "A Noble cause"
Fixed "Settle them All" and "They Are All Here" achievement
Fixed issue with guards attempting to occupy guard postmarked for removal

QOL Changes:

Removed redundant alternative key bindings
Nonstackable settlement debuffs now display the remaining time

Balancing changes:

Sheep can now spawn in the wilderness and be tamed
Redesigned drafting mechanism for animals brought by caravans to ensure more variety
Increased inventory capacity of the caravan to bring a higher variety of resources, caravans will also appear slightly more frequently
Increased yields of stones from stone mountains
During the tutorial, the emergency supply of normal meals was reduced, but the player will now also receive a regular supply of good meals
Lords and Villeins has been updated to version 1.03 (GOG update number 60613).

Changelog from Steam Community:
Greetings Lords and Ladies,

through the changes introduced in 1.0.2, two critical issues have slipped through our testing process and impacted a small number of our players. Because of the potential severity of these issues, we have immediately issued a fix and are deploying it to you now. We apologize to anyone impacted, and thank you for reporting these problems to us!


Fixes a critical bug which could happen to players that changed keybindings in version 1.00
Servant cooks will now use ingredients taxed by royals if they are marked as usable.

More noticeable updates are on their way and we will be publishing them in the upcomming weeks. Thank you for playing and see you soon!
Lords and VIlleins has been updated to version 1.19 (GOG update number 63107).exe

Changelog from Steam:
Greetings, Lords and Ladies,

We are happy to tell you that the patch you've been testing in beta branch has just gone public! That means the update has become a part of the main game and is available to everyone. Big thanks to our community who helped us by playing the update and shared your feedback. And thanks to also those who have been patiently waiting for the update.

If you wish to keep helping with the testing of Lords and Villeins and other games, feel free to join our Champions
program if you have not done so yet! All you have to do is get in touch with Fulqrum Publishing by sending an e-mail to

Here we are posting the updated change log so you can see what is getting updated on the main stage. And if you missed our article for our future plans, make sure to read it here!.

The Initial Change Log:

New Features

Ability to customize difficulty
Ability to customize map creation in various degrees of detail
Ability to customize starting families
Ability to store difficulty and map presets as templates
Added new mountain ore distribution presets
Added new tropical climate, with a warm climate all-year round!
Ability to prioritize blueprints
New "Islands" preset and tweaked existing presets
Added x8 speed (Speed IV)
Added new x32 speed that is available between 10PM and 6AM


Refactoring of mouse hover tooltip elements to provide more unified experience
Consolidated UI of priority screen and accounting report with extra bells and whistles.
New construction queue view in the accounting report
New blueprint context menu after clicking on it
Harsh weather module has been converted to harsh weather climate setting
Redesign of the new game menu screen flow
Removal tools are now permanently visible in HUD. This option can be turned off in the settings.
Updated Unity version to LFS 2021.3.17f1
Replaced old UI switches with new ON/OFF switches
Population book now displays specific age with a tooltip about when adulthood and elderly age is reached
Implemented algorithm for dynamic loading of scrollview content. This will be later expanded on all UI screens to greatly improve their performance.


Fixed multiple bugs with noble marriages
Fixed alchemy not making stamina potions
Fixed alchemist workshop recommending Oven instead of Blast Furnace
Fixed starting resources not being added to generated families
UI Screens are now capped to scale down to fit within screen height if the UI scaling extends beyond the screen border
Fixed number of broken hover effects
Fixed issue with updating UI scaler when screen resolution changes
Fixed issue with animated UI elements for resources not being positioned correctly when UI scaling is changed
Fixed issue with river and sea type not being recognized in created maps
Added mechanism for hover tooltips to be restricted by screen border and automatically reposition
Number of other minor bugfixes

Changes Made Thanks To Our Awesome Community Testers

Fixing incorrect prompt for blueprints saying the family does not have resources even when it does.
Updated algorithm for selecting blueprints for construction and implemented caching. This should slightly boost performance and make behavior more aligned with the priority number assigned to each blueprint.
Fixed the critical error causing frequent freezing
Fixed hover element in population book when changing equipment
Replaced old toggles with new labeled switches in the royalty report screen
Fixed a minor UI issues with a switch in zone context menu starting in on state when it was initialized in the off state
Fixed issue with prioritizing blueprints for construction when higher priority structure that has missing resources would block all other blueprints that are lower in queue but otherwise possible
Blueprint context menu no longer appears when the blueprints layer is not visible
Fixed issue with probability for old people to join clergy being sometimes set to 100% after a reload
Fixed issue with hover element in priority queue on Supply % if the blueprint had no cost
Fixed bug with favor point cost for requested custom families being deducted twice
Fixed bug with population book locking the game when "New Family" request window pops up while the population book is open
Updated algorithm for choosing spawn points and departure points at the edge of the map. The game will now prevent spawns of any animals and NPCs if there is no valid entry point, and the game will automatically update to the nearest clay-terrain type terrain if the original spawnpoints are blocked
Fixed a bug with time to execute task difficulty multiplier working invertedly
Fixed a crash in accounting report screen when a zone is updated in the background
Lords and Villeins has been updated to version 1.217 (GOG update number 65123).

Changelog from Steam:

Greetings Lords and Ladies,

The time has finally come, all the patches, updates. fixes and improvements that you've been testing in the Public Beta during the weeks are finally entering the main build of Lords and Villeins. A lot of things have been changed / added, so we recommend going through the Change Log below, especially if you were not a part of the Public Beta testing.

For a short summary, we have redesigned nobility and royal taxation, extensively improved UI, put additional work into performance and added new ways for you to control the economy. As this patch is making significant updates to the internal data structures, you will not be able to continue playing your save files from the previous version
, so if you are not ready to switch yet, we will keep the older version available in the "oldversion" branch for some time.

We are incredibly thankful for your help with the testing and for the overall support, we would not be able to get this far without you! And that's not all, more awesome things are on the way! For now, enjoy the current update and let us know what you think about it on our Discord server, here on Steam forum or feel free to write a review of the game.

Next on our roadmap is the promised Campaign update, so stay tuned for more info soon!

Change Log:

Performance Optimization
Path computed in one direction is now used in reverse order for opposite direction.
Pathfinding is now distributed over multiple frames and threads using a BurstCompile job system.
All visitors now share a common pathfinding map instead of each family calculating their own.
Prioritization of path search for NPC over animals and further limiting animals use of pathfinding in a single frame.
New option in the settings to serialize pathfinding data. It will increase save and load time, but prevents spike on reload.

Replaced Nobles with Artisans
Chapel is no longer used by artisans. They share the church with everybody else.
The Tavern was removed. Artisans arrive through the Inn.
Inn now also serves mead and wine.
Donations to clergy no longer reflect noble families. The clergy simply expects the player to donate a calculated amount of valuables over some time.
Theatre is now visited by everyone, including peasants.

Added a new class of Noble Houses
Noble houses are generated automatically at the start of the game.
Their growth is stimulated automatically outside of the map.
Noble houses can be viewed in the population book in a new Nobles tab.
Noble houses now accept ruling family marriage proposals instead of the previous artisan families.

New Quests and Deliveries
Noble houses and royalty offer optional delviery quests for extra rewards.
New Loading Site structure added that is used by villagers to prepare deliveries.
Players can also grant resources to noble houses or a royal family which is sent away through the delivery system.

Hosting at Villa
Players can now invite a noble house to be hosted at their villa.
The noble house will spend a certain amount of days and consume the meals of the player.
After they leave, the relationship with the player will change based on how satisfied they are with the quality.

Combat Power
Villagers in the military regiments now display their combat power.
Combat power is a function of their equipment, age, health, training, skills, blessings, and other buffs and bonuses.
Total combat power of a regiment is used when delivering military as a royal tax.
Combat power is now displayed in the population book.

Royal Taxes Updated
Royalty now only expresses their demand in terms of the gold value of delivered resources and the total combat power of delivered soldiers.
Players can complete the taxes through deliveries or sending regiments to war at any time during the year.
The Tax Evasion mechanic was removed. Instead, having a Master of Coin appointed will boost the rewards and contributions made through deliveries.
Royalty also offers optional quests that provide extra money and favor points.
Royalty also offers a list of bonus equipment, which boosts the combat power a certain regiment contributes with.

Changes to professions
Ropemakers can now utilize Loom to create a new Carpet resource. This resource can be used to build new floor-type carpets. Five different carpet patterns are added.
Alchemists no longer make health, magic or stamina potions. Instead, they make love potions that peasants consume to boost their pregnancy chance, exotic mixtures which can be used as a cooking ingredient or transmuted gold, which can be minted into gold coins or granted to nobles as a valuable gift.
Glassmakers nwo also produce glass bottles, which are required to make potions.

New options to manage priorities
Priority screen is updated and shows more detailed information.
Player can update how much material a family is stocking for production.
Player can also limit production if a family has stock over a certain amount.
Player can also restrict tax-deductible options, to prevent villagers from consuming taxed resources to produce other taxed resources.

New cooking management options
The accounting management screen has a new cooking tab.
Players can set custom targets for cooking meals and toggle if families are allowed to supplement high-quality targets with a lower quality meals.
Logic for cooking was also updated so that families will continue cooking higher quality meals even if they have plenty of lower quality meals.
Logic for cooking was also updated so that families will continue cooking higher quality meals evn if they have plenty of lower quality meals, to meet their targets.
It is possible that families go over their target if multiple people start cooking at the same time.

Other Changes
Rework the internal system for generating new families.
The notification system was reworked to allow more flexible data transition. As a result, several notifications were updated to provide more information about their context.
Storage management screen now has copy/paste option.
CTRL+Select when clicking on a buildable object will now select that object from the build menu.
A number of UI screens was improved for performance.
Multiple churches are now possible. Secondary churches hold Sunday massby villagers assigned to the monk order.
Inns can now be toggled in the context menu to prevent selling beds and meals to locals.

Small UI changes
Notifications now distinguish between source and target. Players can click separate buttons to move the camera to them.
Zone context menu was reworked to separate the quick-build menu into structures, furniture and storage. Buttons to switch between tiered collections were added to quickly access different quality furniture and storage.
New option in the settings to display a contrasted version of the HUD.
Lords and VIlleins has received a hotfix and is now at version 1.218 (GOG update number 65262).

Changelog from Steam:
Greetings, Lords and Ladies,
Even though the latest update has been thoroughly tested during an open beta phase, some pesky bugs managed to sneak through to your settlements. We have managed to squish them and just published a small hotfix to improve your governing experience! If you encounter any other critical issues, please do not hesitate to report them and we will fix them as soon as we can.

Full changelog:

Fixed crash when attempting to switch to German localization
Fixed issue with regular families damaging royal reputation when relationship is bad (intended behavior is that only noble families have this ability)
Fixed possible crash that occurred when a family was being removed
Added warning when loading save files created in version 1.2.15 or older that they are not supported
Lords and Villeins has been updated to version 1.220 (GOG update number 65652).

Changelog from Steam:
Greetings, Lords and Ladies,

We have a small, but important patch for you! We have fixed the critical issue related to family member duplication, changed some achievement requirements and adjusted a few more things to make the game as pleasant as possible!

Feel free to check the whole Change Log below!

Save files from previous version (1.2.18) should remain compatible. However, there was an issue which duplicated nobles that were married during their visit and in case you have encountered this issue, we are unfortunately unable to recover your save file. We apologize for this issue.

Fixed critical issue of a noble family member being duplicated when married
Removed the "Everyone Is Here!" achievement (have all artisan professions on the map)
Changed the condition for "Settle them All" achievement. It now requires accepting a visiting family for each profession once across all games (peasant and artisan included)
Reduced requirement for the "There is Nowei" achievement to reach 250 population.
Homegrowing pot is no longer affected by underlying soil quality and always maintains 100% growth speed
Recruits and servants that were accepted through the council request will no longer trigger council request that asks to relieve them from service
Guards will no longer wear jewelry unless it is in their equipment preference set by the player
Vandalism will no longer target structures that do not deteriorate (and thus can not be repaired)
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Lords and Villeins has been updated to version 1.3.26 (GOG update number 67525).

Changelog from Steam:

Reduced the threshold for harvesting crops to 20. Crops can also be harvested if there was a fully grown crop for at least two days.
Slightly reduced penalty to royal reputation from noble influence
Fixed bug where a toggle for special settlement debuffs get reset when players switch tabs in the new game menu
Fixed bugs related to wrong "Target Can't Be Reached" notifications
Added hierarchical pathfinding and a new option in settings to toggle path smoothing
Fixed issue with shoe equipment not being generated for villagers (nobody started with boots or shoes)
Fixed issue with tutorial tips not showing up during campaign
Added new notification when the final chapter of each mission is reached. At this moment, player can also exit to main menu and continue on the next map
Imported localization for all languages
Complete tutorial achievement changes its wording to be tied to completing the campaign
Builder desk no longer requires carpenters
Sanctuary mission adds 150 extra favor when the recruit monks quest begins (raised from 100)
Profession buttons in request family tab are now refreshed properly when game modules are changed
Fixed game crash when user rejects loading an outdated file
Fixed game crash when game attempts to load an outdated file
Added 1.3.25 to compatibilty version brake list (save files created in older version will throw error)