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So what you are saying is that:
1) The developer did not test the GOG build.
2) The publisher did not test the GOG build.
3) GOG did not test the GOG build.

I don't think I'll buy this game on GOG.
They admitted somewhere on the steam forum that they don't use Linux and are relying on feedback to fix issues, the usual lame nonsense.
yeah, actually that is a bit frustrating.

For those people using Lutris: when you configure the game, go to system options (tick show advanced options). There, you will be able to set environment variables. Setting KEY to LC_ALL and VALUE to C did the trick for me.

Maybe that's something smarter people can write in Loop Hero's install script :)

greez labuvetteducampus
I bought the game today, installed the Linux version and I also encountered this problem. Skipping the tutorial doesn't do sh*t for me, the character doesn't move at all.

This game is broken and unplayable.

Why don't the developers fix their game?? This awful, GAME-BREAKING bug is known for over a month and nothing happens? Where is the urgent hot-fix that should have arrived days later at most?
Post edited April 09, 2021 by SuccessDenied
There was a flurry of hotfixes for a week, which we got a week later. Now it's the big ol' middle finger, not that I'm bitter ;)