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Quoting the dev from a steam thread:
The beta period has now concluded, and the big content push has gone out to all users.

There is a LOT of new stuff in there, and if you want detailed spoilers of everything you may want to glance over the previous thread -

Some of you have just lost your 100% status, because 6 new achievements came out in the new content. This is not the total of everything that's added, there are lots and lots of things to find, but I didn't want to go overboard with new achievements and frustrate everyone who's worked so hard to complete the previous set.

This is, most likely, the last time we will be adding new plot elements to this game. That doesn't mean we won't keep updating it, there are always tweaks and polishes and bugfixes to do. It just means there probably will not be any new characters or new achievements after this point.
Will we be getting this patch soon, too?
Got another piece of information:
GOG builds have been uploaded on my end but it's the middle of the night at their offices afaik so I wouldn't expect them to be processed until tomorrow at best.
Needs! :D
Time to give the game a new go.
Jarmo: Neat!
Time to give the game a new go.
It's here :) See the stickied post :)
Thank you! :O