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... that was harder than i thought. didn't please the peasants' will enough,and presence wasn't high enough to get juliana to 'fess up completely on selene.

also achieved all 11 ways to die, and most of the achievements. should i uninstall now and move on with my mundane life, or try for the evil minion ending. no way to gauge cruelty levels, and the cruel options tend to piss the off the nobles whch could trigger an early endgame.
Post edited November 21, 2015 by dick1982
You did get Brionny to survive her own stupidity?

Okay, now I'm impressed. Never did manage that.

Although I didn't play the game as much as you did. I stopped playing after I got the "Disney princess" musical ending, mostly 'cause I found it a nice conclusion to Elodie's story. (Okay, a "spymaster Disney princess who then murders her best friend's family". But yet...)