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Changelog for version 1.3.20 / GOG-7 (added 02.07.2015):

Plot changes:
- If you defeated the Shanjians, everyone loves you, and you destroyed the chocolates, you no longer get Sabine's report on the spying you didn't send her on.

UI changes:
- Tour Barracks' tooltip should now be readably placed in touchtip mode.
- Corisande's dossier now drawn above the narration window, stretches to accomodate all text.
- Long skill-unlock strings will have the font size dialed down until they fit in the box (or hit 10, in which case it will stop anyhow.)

Behind the scenes changes:
- Widgets inside buttons now can react to focus changes.
- GL/SW auto-tester imports pygame itself.
- Less joystick debugging info on console.
- Minor tweaks in translation hooks.
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Changelog for version 1.3.21 / GOG-8 (added 01.09.2015):

Plot fixes:
- Elodie no longer writes a letter to Charlotte if Charlotte's already in the castle.
- Delaying your marriage to Banion now shows up properly in the epilogue.
- Slight rewording of Internal Affairs 50 text.

Video tweaks:
- There's now a 'Snap to 1024x600' button, so you can fix the window size if you want everything pixel-perfect (the code has been there since forever, but the button wasn't being displayed).
- A system/image cursor toggle has been added. In image cursor mode, you get the magic wand from the prefs screen as your cursor. This is a hack to help LPers - normally, LLtQ will skip redrawing frames when possible to save CPU time and battery life. However, several video recording programs don't work well at low/variable framerates (or work just fine but ignore the cursor because that's drawn by the OS rather than the game.). Using an image cursor forces more frequent redraws, as every mouse movement will then trigger redraw.

Changelog for version 1.3.22 / GOG-12 (added 01.09.2015):

Minor fixes for Mac version.
thanks. trying to read the changelog in my library shelf causes some scrolling glitch for me.
Changelog for update / GOG-13 (Mac) / GOG-10 (Linux) (added 29 October 2015):

- fixed a problem that prevents the game from launching in the newest Mac OS.
- fixed some minor stability issues for Linux.