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andreasmaureder: I've missed the free Tengu Mask... can I have the one spare redeem code for it? PLEASE!!!
timmy010: Check pm let me know when redeemed
Probably a little bit late, but I've just finished Little Nightmares (recently bought) and I'd like to get Tengu mask. Is still possible to get a code for it?
timmy010: dlc 3 of 3 out now
I missed out on the fox mask and tengu mask. Are you saying that if I follow the steps, I can unlock them? I hope so. I'm an owner of the Season Pass and game, btw.
Yes, it does and did indeed work. Thanks for the info. All these DLC are already built into the game. Too easy to unlock the other DLC too. I don't support that, but to each his own.