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WTH are you doing GoG??

Are you guys THAT desperate, you gotta try to cash in on the pedo market??

I'm not spending one more cent on your website until this trash is pulled down.

You've got one week to get it down, or I'll start shouting it from the hilltops.

Not even joking.
Spoiler: Disgusting content below.
crogonint: Spoiler: Disgusting content below.
She's a little lady you know. She doesn't have any sexual references. She has a crush on a fox who happens to be an artist. She got stuck in the window of that picture doing ninja stuff, you wouldn't get it.

Yikes forever.
As we have already explained in your ticket, we have no plans to remove the game Little Misfortune from the GOG.COM Store. If you have any feedback about the game itself, please share it with the developer’s directly. Please keep in mind, the game was also reviewed and rated by PEGI and this institution has not reported any issues you've described.