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I have it set to 'keyboard' but I still get controller button prompts at times (Press A at the main menu, for instance - no, it wants Enter.)

The arrow keys move in the menus, but WASD move your king. So when you're in the throne room you need to swap from WASD + enter to get to the throne and sit on it, then arrow keys to make selections from the menu.

The mouse does absolutely nothing - but the mouse pointer stays onscreen and visible even in fullscreen.

Does anyone have a list of what the controls actually are, so I don't have to play 'press every key' to figure things out?

Edit: Oh, Enter is Button A and backspace is Button B. That much I've figured out.

Q and E rotate the camera. 1 changes the camera distance. 2 is apparently Left Trigger.
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Clearsong: ...
While in game make sure you're standing (i.e., not sitting on the Throne) and press M to bring up a menu. Rotate around to Help with the arrow keys. That will show you a list of controls.
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