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Steely_Gaze: (...)
#3: And of all things, turn on animated flags. Without this option enabled, the screen would freeze as soon as the ball reached its apex and only redraw after it had come to rest. Playable, but not as much fun.

After I did these three things I was able to score a 92 at Kapalua Bay on the hardest settings with only occasional animation freezes while putting. Still better than my real game.
Hello Steely_Gaze!

Initially, I did not experienced those ball shot animation freezes as soon as the ball reaches his peak height on its trajectory. But after testing and experimenting with other alternative wrappers, I got this behaviour, too. (Even after a clean fresh re-installation!) In addition, the intro video kept black--only the audio could be heard.
=> After applying the current version 1.35 hotfix patch from, these errors got resolved!
And now, I can play again as before.

Regarding the "occasional animation freezes while putting":

I call those the "near hole / approximately 50 yard - SW issue". Because those freezes and game crashes occur only when the ball had landed before in an approximate range of 35 to 75 yards from the hole so that the computer automatically chooses the SW (sand wedge) in the proximity but outside of the green!

I have been successfull in avoiding this type of crashes by staying outside of this range--always taking a mulligan if the ball stopped in this 'dangerous zone'--aiming my shots for landing either on the green (wihtin feet not yards distances of the hole) or maintaining at least 90 to 100 yards from the hole!

Kind regards,
So I got it to work on my Ryzen 9.

I had to set it to Window mode in the DX executables settings.
All I did was change that setting and now it works fine.