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This game has a DRM-free Linux version. Why is not also here on GOG?
Came here to say the same thing.

I'm sure the answer is either "the developer only licensed Windows/Mac so we can't offer Linux", or "we're working on it".

It does tend to feel discouraging though when a native Linux version is available elsewhere but not offered on GOG.
I second that question. Will there be a Linux version too?
Linux version please.
I DEMAND the linux version...

... if it's possible, dear GOG, thank you.
As currently also discounted on HB - purchased there instead, which is shame. But native Linux build is present there.
We have waited almost three years for the Linux-version of FEZ. So when does LIMBO get it here? 2019? ;-)
Linux-customers are treated as second-class here at GOG.

But hey: Humble Store got it, so it is no problem purchasing it there. Seems GOG doesn't want to have the version here now or something else like problems with publishing? Would be nice to know, but as always nothing.
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I've also been wondering: Linux versions missing on GOG while available elsewhere seems to be a recurring phenomenon.

I am guessing adapting the Linux versions to conform with GOG standards (to fit the installer and whatnot) requires some additional effort from the developer, whereas on HumbleBundle they can just dump some self extracting .sh file for a Linux version, which many developers do rather than build proper packages.

On Steam, Linux versions might be more prevalent because packaging is more consistent across different operating systems, or Valve provides more assistance, or maybe the developer simply deems the platform more commercially viable.

But, of course, that's all pure guesswork. It would be nice to get someone involved to comment, especially on how much effort it is to ship an existing Linux version for GOG.
As long as GOG does not offer games for Linux which are available on Steam etc, while selling the Windows versions, they cannot expect me to be a loyal costumer. It's really a shame, with LIMBO being one example of many others...

As a Linux user, I don't feel like they take me seriously.