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i played the game a couple of onths bac, and i liked it but i felt like i missied somthing.
maybe beacuse of how pepole talk about it, but does anybody else fill like taht?\ saw some hidden mining in the game?
parasol123: [I] played the game a couple of [m]onths bac[k], and [I] liked it[,] but [I] felt like [I] [missed] som[e]thing.
[M]aybe [because] of how [people] talk about it. [D]oes anybody else [feel] like [that]? [Like they] saw some hidden [meaning] in the game?
The meaning of the game is deliberately vague. Playdead, the developer, hasn't explicitly commented on what the game is saying. They probably want the players to arrive at their own conclusion by thinking through the game and discussing it amongst themselves.

If you still feel like you're missing something, what might help is finding all the hidden eggs shown in this YouTube video. Finding all the eggs unlocks a hidden level in the game. It might give you more insight into the game's meaning.