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As those of you who obtained a copy of the game, you'll find out that your game comes with a pre-included language setup program made by GOG. This is a handy tool if you want to change your language whether often or in the long term.

But be careful when using it especially if you have changed the settings of the game, such as allowing for movement using the WASD buttons, backbuffer height renderer changes or similar other modifications to the settings.ini file.

Why? Because when you change your language using this tool, say from English to Japanese, the tool will copy a 'localized' vanilla copy of the settings.ini file from the lang folder and overwrite the game's current settings.ini. That also overwrites your changes to your settings.ini file.

In other words, only use the language setup tool before you modify the game's other settings.

What if you want to change your language without changing the other settings? You will open the settings.ini file and modify the "Override system language" option at the bottom with any of the written options. By default you will install it with the English language, 'uk'. Just change the setting to others like "fr" for French (with double quotes) or "ja" for Japanese, and then save the file.