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How do you change the font size?

I couldn't find anything to change it in the options or the game folders. My search around the web only resulted in old threads from 2014 with no solution. With a resolution of 1280x1024, I'm not exactly used to dealing with tiny text issues.

Any help would be appreciated.

(I also posted this on the game's Steam forums, just in case.)
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Did you ever figure this out? Or did anyone else? I am having trouble seeing any details at all on the crafting menus, let alone being able to read the text. It makes me mad how inefficiently they managed the space. There's plenty of room for large font, yet they make it as hard to see as possible and neglect to include any option at all to change it if you're having trouble seeing it. This will be a deal-breaker for me if I can't find a solution. :(

EDIT: I looked at it again, and those menus are way worse than I thought. Nearly half of the area available on the crafting menus is taken up by nothing more than empty space! I can honestly say that this is THE worst UI I have ever seen in a game - and I don't say that lightly. I have no idea why they thought it was a good idea to minimize the size of everything in order to make room for nothing. That skinny text is so obnoxious, the least they could do is enlarge it when you hover the mouse over it, or something. My gosh...just, ugh.
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sgarff: Did you ever figure this out?
Unfortunately, no. I had to stop playing altogether. I just couldn't afford to strain my eyes unnecessarily, considering my job requires me to look at a computer screen all day.

It's a shame, because I did enjoy the gameplay.
Same here, though I only just discovered this game and started playing it recently. I actually sent a long essay today to Maximum Games support requesting help and a fix for this, so I'll let you know if anything happens with it. I pointed out that the devs promised a couple of years ago on the Steam forums to fix the font and size of the text multiple times... :/ I'm surprised nothing ever came of this, based on the large number of posts on Steam and elsewhere from people complaining about not being able to read the text. The UI itself really needs a complete overhaul (such inefficient management of space and no option to resize the UI components!), but I would settle for just readable text at this point.