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I picked up this game on special recently. Nostalgia - the first computer game I ever played on my first computer, an Amiga, back in the early 90s was an old LSL game!

I thought I was doing alright but now I'm stuck in jail and don't seem to be able to get out. I did what I needed to do to get my phone and it gave me a message that it would ring my emergency contact person (Richard Ryder). I assumed RR would turn up and get me out but not so far. I've talked to the cell mate and they now longer respond. Same with the guard I can no longer attract his attention. I can stick my disembodied head out of the window if I call the Unter!

All I have in my inventory is the perfume sprayer, whistle and cucumber/plunger combo. I've tried combining those items but nothing happens and I've also tried using them on all the scenes click points without any result. There is an ink pad I can click on but so far I haven't managed to do anything with it.

Any thoughts anyone?